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Boiled Blue Crabs

Our favorite Shrimp Boat Captain called and we picked up thirty pounds of some pretty shrimp this weekend which may likely be on of the last catches for the season. Then we received a call from another friend and had the luxury of enjoying some fresh blue crabs. Read more

Mayport Ferry

Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island residents should know The St. Johns River Ferry will be closed for 18 days early in 2009. The Jacksonville Port Authority has extensive work planned for the Jean Ribault. The dates haven’t been established yet, but for those of us that travel to Jacksonville via the ferry, this will be an inconvenience for you, me and the 1498 other vehicles that use the ferry service each day.

The Expat’s Corner

Is Herd Metality Comforting?

Is Herd Metality Comforting?

In a world where there is more information “on the fly” than anyone can comprehend without going “nuts”, the “herd” mentality becomes the accepted comfort zone. What’s good for the ‘herd” cannot be bad for me, is what most people base their decision making process on. Hence thought processes are pretty much generalized for common acceptance. In a recent article on I read that there are now 391,000 millionaires in China, up from 310,000 last year, and that many of them book plane loads full of eager buyers for US properties. There is a full blown movement among the Chinese Wealthy to fly and buy US properties today in groups. I’m not going into the benefits and reasons for them in this article, but would like to highlight the destinations they’re looking at.

Predictably they focus on Brandname Destinations because that’s what the ‘herd” does. For the Chinese, US brandname destinations are St.Francisco, LA and San Diego and Seattle to a lesser degree and as always top ranked New York.

Then this morning I catch another story about Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, touting the economic lifeline importance of having a direct flight to Amsterdam-Netherlands for their area. (see article below). The next thought in my brain process is, why does the Jacksonville Airport claim the title to be an international airport and why are there no international flights. Then when my thoughts wander off, I conclude that Florida has a huge brandname recognition in Europe, of course with Miami taking the top spot, but fading because of crime news and congestion. Finally I contemplate what it would mean for real estate and the economy in Northeast Florida if direct flights from Amsterdam would come into Jacksonville Airport. It would rapidly build a brandname for another Florida of great Quality of Life without the hassle and the congestion of South Florida.
I wonder how much the Bradley Connecticut Area Economic Council had to pitch in for Delta Airlines to resume daily direct flights to Amsterdam and how much interest there would be to pursue a similar course of action here in North East Florida. Of course I could be a little biased since Amsterdam is my hometown and I would not have to commute to Atlanta or Miami for connections.

Story: WINDSOR LOCKS, CT – When Bradley International Airport’s long-awaited daily nonstop international service to Amsterdam was canceled on October 1, 2008, the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s Office of Marketing & Route Development immediately began a focused effort to seek resumption of the service.

The Department’s formal proposal to re-establish the service centered on the proven performance of Bradley’s market demand for service to Europe and included incentives offered through the Bradley Enterprise Fund, matched by contributions from the Metro Hartford Alliance and Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council. Today, thanks to the hard work of these authorities, Bradley International Airport has announced that nonstop flights will resume between Bradley and Amsterdam, effective June 2, 2009.

Delta Air Lines has committed that its Northwest Airlines subsidiary will operate the flight starting June 2 using 160-passenger Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Service will operate five times weekly.

The flight will operate in cooperation with Delta’s European partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, providing easy connections beyond KLM’s Amsterdam hub to 81 cities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India.

Governor M. Jodi Rell said, “We’re thrilled. The flight was contributing millions in economic development to the region. The Department of Transportation, airport officials, and a coalition of the Metro Hartford Alliance and Western Mass Economic Development Council should be commended for their efforts, especially during these tough economic times. We applaud Delta Air Lines for its commitment to Bradley International Airport and for reinstating this important route for summer 2009.”

“We refused to give up on this service, and our efforts have been rewarded,” said DOT commissioner Joseph F. Marie. “To have this service reinstated at a time when the airlines are going through a severe downturn is nothing short of miraculous. The department is proud of the partnerships forged with the board of directors and economic development agencies and looks forward to continued success.”

“The fact that this service is coming back is a testament to a coordinated public-private partnership that worked diligently to prove that Bradley could indeed support a flight of this nature,” said Bradley board chairman L. Scott Frantz. “There are an estimated 4.7 million travelers located within a 90-mile radius of Bradley International Airport, including the eastern portion of New York state and western New England, who deserve a hassle free, on-time travel experience in contrast to traveling through the often-congested New York and Boston airports.”

“We’re excited to see Hartford-Amsterdam return this time as part of the network of the world’s largest airline,” said Bob Cortelyou, Delta’s senior vice president – network planning.

The Big Three are Unsinkable, for Now

By: Nick Deonas

When Congressmen are running for re-election they depend on union support, many of them got it from the auto workers union. Did you think for one minute that there would not be tax dollar relief on the way for the “Big Three”?

Perhaps it just looked better in front of the cameras to appear to be holding feet to the fire and making demands for change. I think if they truly wanted change they would first demand that before they come before the representatives of the taxpayer’s, they must appear with their new Chairman, CEO, CFO and new board of directors. It is simply unacceptable to allow the same people who led the companies down this path of failure to continue with new money (that would be OUR money by the way). But it now appears that this is exactly what will happen. The same folks who ran the ship aground will be at the helm once again.

What a difference just two meetings can make in a business deal. The big three were chastised on their first trip to Washington because they each flew in on private jets. Now, I must admit this is probably the best way to keep your hat from getting crumpled, but I guess the big boys and girls on Capital Hill just don’t see it like that.

Their next trip was made in one of their own fuel efficient cars, now things are getting better. They meet with Congress and lay out their plan for a tax payer handout. I watched a lot of the meetings and I am surprised I didn’t see winks going back and forth as the dog and pony show continued. I did see one positive change though they can’t use the private jets anymore.

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