5 Points Package Store
A Liquor Store in a Convenient Location With Great Prices!

5-points-package-store 5 Points Package Store
5 Points Package Store is a friendly little liquor store located in at 2112 S. 8th Street in Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, Florida. Here you will find the friendliest service in town and that includes a drive up window. Spirits for every occasion, at discounted prices and a convenient location, make this the “go to” shop for your next celebration or event.
store-front Welcome to 5 Points
When you visit you will notice their promotions of the month. It could be some new, exotic flavored Vodka, or an after dinner Irish Cream, but there is always something new to try and the staff is upfront and honest with you about what their other customers have been saying. If the product has a great keepsake bottle, but the contents are nothing special, they will let you know!
inside-5-points Come Inside or Drive Up
The store is stocked with an ample variety of adult beverages. They also sell Florida Lottery Tickets and tobacco for your convenience, but they do not carry certain mixers, like milk for your White Russians, because this is a liquor store that has no desire to accept food stamps!
Avoiding Hangovers
Besides not drinking alcohol in the first place, how can you try to avoid a hangover? You should eat before you go out to party or eat while you drink. Alcohol will deplete nutrients from your body. Take vitamins and drink orange juice, grapefruit juice or grape juice. If you have had a hangover before, avoid what caused it. For some it may be dark liquor, for others it may be colorless liquors. Learn from your prior experience.

Do not drive. Just the thought of someone driving while intoxicated makes a sober man sick to his stomach. Alternate water between your drinks. This will keep your body hydrated while you are in Party Mode. Order a bite to eat, or have a fruity drink. Either will help replace vitamins and slow down alcohol absorption. When you have finished your evening, drink lots of water when you return home.