5 Reasons to Use a Sauna for a Full Body Detox

5 Reasons to Use a Sauna for a Full Body DetoxWhen you are looking for ways to remove toxins from your body or to cleanse your entire body, a sauna might be the best tool for your goals. A full body detox applies to every individual, whether you have abused substances in the past or not. With foods that contain pesticides, environmental pollution and other elements your body is exposed to on a daily basis, detoxifying your body can provide positive effects that you can see within a short period of time.

1.) Improved Heart Function
A key reason to detoxify your whole body in a sauna is the effect on the heart. When you use a sauna for a detox, your heart contractions become stronger and you will reduce your blood pressure. If you are struggling against high blood pressure, then the sauna detox can improve the results of your changes to diet and exercise.
Your heart plays a vital role in your overall health. If your heart is not healthy, then your circulation becomes poor, the pressure required to get blood to your extremities increases and you face a higher chance of health problems. Regularly using a sauna can help by improving the health of your heart.

2.) Removal of Environmental Pollutants
You are constantly surrounded by pollutants in the environment. Whether you breathe it in, drink it in your water or eat it in your food, pollutants are harmful for your body.
A sauna detox can help reduce the number of pollutants in your body by causing you to sweat it out of your pores. The sweat that comes out during your time in a sauna is not just water; it is also 15 to 20 percent pollutants and heavy metals.

3.) Easing Withdrawal Symptoms
In the case of substance abuse and addiction treatment, sauna detox is used to help smooth the transition into a treatment facility. Although a sauna will not completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms and other measures are also used to ease the discomfort of that first step of recovery, it is useful.

By sweating out some of the lingering toxins from substance abuse, the withdrawal symptoms are a little easier to manage. Removing the substance from the body is the goal of detoxification for substance abuse treatment. The sauna treatments can help by clearing out some of the toxins.

4.) Improved Immune System Health
The removal of toxic build-up from the environment, eating habits and other activities that may cause exposure to toxins does have a positive impact on the immune system. Beyond helping the body heal at a faster rate due to the decreased demand on white blood cells and the immune system, sauna detox also reduces the chances of feeling the effects of a cold. The body is able to fight off the illness before it causes symptoms.

5.) Greater Endurance
Due to the impact on the heart and the cells within the body, regular full body sauna detox can help improve endurance and stamina. The number of blood cells within the body increase and plasma increases, which improves the ability for oxygen to reach every area of the body.

When it relates to exercise, the improved oxygen level directly relates to endurance. It is possible to keep up with exercise for a longer period of time before feeling winded or facing exhaustion.

Detoxifying the body by regularly enjoying a sauna is a great way to improve your health. Spending time in the sauna will not only help you reduce your stress and relax, it will also remove toxins and improve your health from the cellular level.

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Desmond White is a writer that specializes in addiction treatment and his true passion is helping people find treatment for addiction. He is currently promoting Best Drug Rehabilitation, click here to learn more about their facility and holistic treatment programs.

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