An Amelia Island Love Story
An Amelia Island Love Story
The call came late on Tuesday night the 15th to plan for a beautiful Fernandina Beach wedding. Not that we didn’t see this Amelia Island love story in the making, but we more or less expected a reasonable engagement period and a wedding some time in late Spring. Well there were convincing financial reasons to move this scenario up a bit, like eight months or so. Instead panic hit almost immediately after that call, because the youngest daughter is special. Red hot telephone lines, text messages, emails flying and all support was drummed up in a matter of hours, a task force formed and responsibilities allocated for everyone near and far.

Deadlines were made from ring selection to cake, to bouquets and finally where to have the ceremony, who would wed the happy couple and whether or not to have a party or reception.

Saturday the 26th came and everyone was lined up and as the video shows, even the weather cooperated. The only part that didn’t cooperate was the usually pristine beach, which was cluttered with sea weed. It didn’t stop us.

The mission was executed with military precision and produced Mr. and Mrs. David and Tara Rice. The bride later quipped that her married name now translated to “Terrorize”, a nickname which obviously did not come as a surprise to us. When John, our master rigger adopted son, came to claim “his” left-over bottle of Patron today, four days after the party, he found out that Tequila has a very short life expectancy in our house bar. It was also confirmed that evening, when the wedding reception turned out to be a big hit.

The whole wedding was one typical for our times. Quick, affordable and most of all memorable to the happy couple and everyone involved.

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