A Legendary Treasure, a Seminole Curse, and a Serial Killer

Three Keys to Murder Unlocks a Masterful Mix of Spellbinding Suspense

A Legendary Treasure, a Seminole Curse, and a Serial KillerJacksonville, FL – In their thrilling follow-up e-novel, Three Keys to Murder (Suspense Publishing, $2.99), authors Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly take readers on a compelling quest with spine-tingling suspense.

“A riveting roller coaster ride, complete with non-stop action, intriguing characters, and an amazing plot line… Three Keys to Murder might just top The Da Vinci Code.” -Shana Benedict of A Book Vacation Review

On Amelia Island, Florida, 36 year old journalist Fawn Cortez is adjusting to life in her new surroundings as she prepares for her upcoming marriage. Her father’s tragic death earlier in the year still haunts her. For decades, Juan Velarde Cortez obsessively hunted a legendary treasure, and his passing has left unresolved feelings for Fawn.

Now, a series of grisly killings rocks the small island community, each victim’s face bears a distinct signature, leading Fawn to suspect a bizarre connection between the murders, her father’s quest, and the death ritual of an infamous 1800s Seminole Indian.

As Fawn draws closer and closer to solving the 200-year-old puzzle and determining the killer’s identity, she will be forced to unravel historical clues that will lead her on a harrowing journey.

Time is running out, as a serial killer is watching and waiting. Will Fawn discover the truth before she becomes the next victim?

To download a copy of Three Keys to Murder in the format of your choice visit: www.smashwords.com.

About the Authors

Gary Williams lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife and children. Williams has a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and writes full time. His hobbies include historical research, fishing, and watching football.

Vicky Knerly is a native of Syracuse, New York, and resides on St. Simons Island, Georgia, with her husband and sons. Knerly has a bachelor’s degree in English and two masters’ degrees. She has won awards for her research-based writing, and works for a private university based in Melbourne, Florida, where she also teaches as an adjunct professor.

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