A quick stop at Publix Shopping Center can make your Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to have a guaranteed great Valentines Day try these tips.

The final touch for a great Valentine's Day

The final touch for a great Valentine's Day

According to some real life Love Doctors (people that professionally involve themselves in ther topic of Love and Love Making), a Happy Valentine experience only requires a two shop stops. One stop at the supermarket to pick up some corn starch, tomatoes, avocados and buttermilk and one stop (obviously) at our local Chocolate Specialist Peterbrook. And here on Amelia Island we are blessed with a one stop shop in the Publix Shopping Center on Sadler and 14th Street for all five products you need for a great Valentine Day

Cialis, Alcohol, Spanish Fly, Oysters and other more warped sex enhancers are absolutely irrelevant for a satisfying Valentine’s Day they say. No need for Rhino horns’ dust, some freaky bark from an indigenous Central African tree or mixed crush pimento algae, it turns out that  the most effective aphrodisiacs are only a supermarket  and a chocolaterie away. The stuff we’re talking about is common natural products that you probably already have in your refrigerator. And if you don’t…then it’s time to go grocery shopping, because you’re going to love what these foods can do for your sex life.

Okay, the whole experience starts out with a massage. Ever felt cornstarch on your body? The first sensation of cornstarch dropping on the skin is quite sensational. Don’t be surprised if the titillating effect makes you giggle. But don’t stop at sprinkles; don’t be bashful and then take out a pastry brush and gently spread the cornstarch over your lover’s entire body. Remember that movie with Tom Cruise’s first ex Mimi Rogers? That full body massage was quite messy, although memorable. Try this with cornstarch instead. It may take a minute to get the pressure just right so that the cornstarch just flows across the skin through your fingertips, but once you do, I’m not responsible for what follows after that.

Next off to the fruits and vegetable department. Often referred to as the “apple of love,” you may wonder why would a tomato be erotic? Well First of all, the sensation of eating a fresh, fully ripened, crisp, clean, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own. Watching a pair of sexy lips nibble on this fruit will make you hungry for other things. Of course, the juicier the tomato, the more chance of the temperature get hot rapidly and secondly eating tomatoes is known to aid in sexual performance as they help calm pre-sex nerves, which can be especially helpful in a first-time-partner situation. In addition the tomato aids muscle control, if you know what I mean.

Ever cut open an advocado? What is your first impression? It’s time to prepare for the main course. The texture of the inside of this fruit is very delicate and soft and perfectly suited for eating or rubbing on each others skin In addition to its sensuous texture, the avocado also has a sensuous function. The high-quality Vitamin E content of this fruit is known for boosting every nerve sensation in your body. Of course eating advocados just for Valentine’s Day may not be enough.

Buttermilk Bath
Try a buttermilk shower. Better than a champagne bath I can tell you. The softness of cool buttermilk poured over your body can be enough to start an encore.

Chocolate – the ultimate Love Potion No. 9
It’s time to step outside Publix now and visit to Peterbrook Chocolaterie next door. There is no getting around the quality of this confectionary as a sexy natural aphrodisiac. Chocolate has it all in looks, taste and performance. Mick Jagger should have eaten some real chocolate before writing “I can’t get no satisfaction”. The thick, creamy, smooth taste of  Chocolate is sinfully indulgent and a natural source of phenyl ethylamine (PEA), the same feel-good chemical that the body naturally produces during those first moments of falling in love. Some studies even suggest that devouring chocolate stimulates the same feelings in the brain as making love. So, make sure to get some Chocolate from Peterbrook!
Okay, you’re all set now for a glorious Valentine’s Day.

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