A Salute to The Amelia Island Film Festival

Exploring the film industry with talented experts who live on Amelia Island.

A Salute to The Amelia Island Film FestivalFriday night is movie night! This fun sounding event on February 17, 2012, promises a night of laughs and insights exploring the film industry. They have planned a tasty Club dinner and an award-winning movie, but this is a private event and not open to the public.

Too bad, but it is exciting to learn about some of our talented neighbors who live on Amelia Island.

5:00 – 6:30 P.M.
Brief Description of the Film Festival: Randy Bowman, President, Amelia Island Film Festival

What It Is Like to Make a Film: Rick Traum, Nadine Vaughan, David D’Ardenne

Three accomplished members of the film industry discuss the challenges and occasionally hilarious adventures they’ve experienced while putting life on tape. For instance, once, while taping a live commercial, Rick Traum witnessed one of the biggest stars on the planet get down on all fours to show a dog how to eat dog food! Nadine Vaughan discovered the imperative of checking for alligators before sending a film crew out to film an Everglades sequence; and David D’Ardenne found out that the “Naked look at Wildlife” he was sent out to film turned out to be of the human kind.

Q & A will follow the presentation

Here is the evening’s agenda:

6:30 – 7:15 Cocktails
7:15 – 8:00 Buffet Dinner
8:00 – 9:15 Movie “10 Years Later”

10 Years Later
When six childhood best friends return home for their ten-year high school reunion, each appears happy, successful, and excited for a night they’ll never forget. However, when an enemy from their past reenters their lives, hard hitting Kyra Lee (played by Rachel Boston) decides she isn’t going to take his abuse anymore. The rest of the group soon find themselves fumbling accomplices in a dark kidnapping plot, which none of them are sure they can pull off.

With the stakes rising, they discover that their biggest obstacles might not be the gangster waiting for them in Vegas, the sheriff knocking on their door, or the man tied up in their basement, but rather, a decades’ worth of hidden rivalries, buried emotions, and dark secrets between best friends.

Genre: Dark-Comedy, Drama, Suspense. Written and directed by Aaron Metchik Winner of numerous awards

Cost to Amelia Island Club Members: $33, plus 10% service charge, plus 7% tax.

About the Presenters
Rick Traum is an Emmy Award winning Producer. Rick received his Emmy as Executive Producer of “Displaced Person” (a/k/a “D.P.”), a film for PBS on “American Playhouse”. He also received the prestigious Cine Golden Eagle Award for the film. Rick’s background includes being senior program executive for NBC and Executive In Charge of Production for “Saturday Night Live”, Commercial Producer for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, and Executive Producer for Count Basie’s final TV Special. Film credits include being Producer on the award winning film “The Touch” and executive producer credit for a documentary about elegant old theatres, called “Popcorn Palaces.”

Rick is working on a book called Ten Days to Love, along with his wife Nadine as well as being in pre-production on the feature film “Native Land: Lost In The Mystery of Time”.

Nadine Vaughan is a Filmmaker with experience as a Screenwriter, Producer, Production Designer, and Director. While living in California, in her dual capabilities as performance specialist and clinical psychologist, she founded “Living Theatre Company” in the 1980s. There, she integrated psychology with Stanislavsky acting methods. She also won an Elly Award for best costume design and hosted a radio show for ten years.

Since returning to Florida, her film credits include working as the associate producer for a feature film called “The Touch” and as the Florida casting director for “The Diary of Preston Plummer”. She has also produced and directed several short films, commercials and most recently, she produced a music video in Central Florida, called “The Gospel Train”. Currently, Dr. Vaughan is seeking funding to turn her novel “Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time”, into a movie. As the executive producer, she recently produced two trailers for that project. Following publication of her novel,”FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage”, along with her husband, Rick Traum, she hopes to turn that story into a graphic novel and a movie.

David D’Ardenne has an extensive history in television production, with over 30 years working for the ABC Television Network (NYC). Starting as a video tape editor, he worked on news, sports, soap operas, and Good Morning America. Switching to electronic news gathering (ENG), his work included “20/20”, “Prime Time Live”, “Day One”, and “Turning Point” as well as numerous specials. In this capacity he traveled the globe extensively working with the likes of Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer. He’s worked at the White House and presidential homes, starting with Jimmy Carter.

Currently, D’Ardenne works freelance as a cameraman, sound recordist, and most recently director. An expert in the use of hidden cameras, customers include the major networks, commercials, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility. For “Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time,” D’Ardenne coordinates all technical services.

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