AdvantaClean has established themselves as premier providers of services related to indoor air quality.

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Founded in 1994, AdvantaClean and its affiliates have established themselves as premier providers of essential services related to indoor air quality in the residential, commercial and governmental market segments.

Our service category includes emergency water removal, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and other related services.

steve-and-mike-advantaclean Meet the Management
Locally owned and operated, Steve Rossman makes your satisfaction their top priority by promising to provide you with the best service experience possible. They have a team of caring, industry-trained and certified professionals ready to address your needs and they ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy. Steve and Mike are both looking forward to meeting you!
Flooding House cleaned by AdvantaClean Flooding
Sudden heavy rainfalls can hit an area hard, sometimes leading to unexpected flooding throughout an entire neighborhood. Plumbing failures can quickly release hundreds of gallons of water and small water intrusions or minor plumbing leaks can be easy to overlook, yet over time, they can lead to major problems. Water damage of any kind, to any home or building, should be conducted right away.
Fire Damage Clean-up Fire Damage
A fire in your home or office leaves plenty of smoke and water damage. AdvantaClean staff are trained to clean it up, and to clean it up right – the first time! If you have smoke or water damage you are going to need a team of professionals to do the job.
Fire Damage Cleanup Before After the Fire Clean up
before-after-duct-cleaning Duct Cleaning
If it is in your ducts, it is in the air that you breathe. There is a video at the bottom of this page that is less than seven minutes long, but it is a MUST SEE!
duct-clean-before-crop Duct is clean after AdvantaClean
Mold on Door Mold
Mold is a common fungus found almost everywhere, inside and outside, year round. There are literally thousands of species of mold and it grows where there is moisture and oxygen, multiplying as small, microscopic spores. As mold travels through the air, it attaches to structures in and around homes and buildings. Once mold takes hold, it can cause discoloration and damage to drywall, flooring and other materials.
Mold behind baseboards before AdvantaClean Hazardous Mold Removed by AdvantaClean
dryer-vent-cleaning-advantaclean Dryer Vent Cleaning
According to FEMA, almost 3,000 residential fires are reported every year which are directly related to dryers. Of these, 34 percent of residential clothes dryer fires were caused by dirty dryer vents.

If you are using multiple cycles to get your clothes dry, it can be costly by using more energy and makes your dryer work harder. Dryer vent cleaning is an often overlooked, but important step in maintaining your home.

Dirty Dryer Vent Before AdvantaClean Clean Dryer Vent After AdvantaClean
Certifications and Affiliations Certifications and Affiliations
-Air System Cleaning Specialist
-Certified Mold Inspector
-Certified Mold Remediation Contractor
-Water Damage Restoration Technician
-Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting

For more information call:
In Florida (904) 321-9394
In Georgia (912) 289-1733
or visit AdvantaClean online.

Duct Cleaning Video – MUST SEE!

AdvantaClean Staff Takes Needed Day Off!

AdvantaClean Staff Takes Needed Day Off

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