AIP Spa Offers Acupuncture

The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation will be offering acupuncture.

AIP Spa Offers Acupuncture

AIP Spa Offers Acupuncture

The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation will be offering acupuncture.

Amelia Island, FL – Starting in mid-April, The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation will be expanding its holistic wellness approach by offering acupuncture. Board Certified Physician Wolfgang Luckmann will offer a 60 minute consultation and treatment of the 3000 year old Chinese procedure to guests for $80 by appointment.

“Our Spa focuses on offering our guests a holistic experience through our menu of services including yoga, aqua chi, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy and the use of organic and paraffin free products,” said Bill Di Stanisloa, Director of The Spa. “Offering acupuncture to our guests was the next step in truly defining The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation as a holistic destination.”

Acupuncture is a safe medical procedure well-known for its efficacy and lack of side-effects when administered by a qualified practitioner. Using extremely fine, hair-thin, flexible needles to target energetic pathways in the body, acupuncture is commonly used to treat conditions such as allergies, joint/back pain, chronic fatigue, and etc. Private consultations and appointments can be set by calling 904.610.9489.

The Spa at Amelia Island Plantation is a full service, holistic spa offering 20 treatment rooms overlooking the lagoons and meditation garden. The Spa is a member of the Green Spa Network and iSPA Network and features “clean & green” products with a full menu of holistic services used to improve the health and well being of the guests. For more information about Amelia Island Plantation please call 866.213.8045 or visit the web site at


  1. Ameliaprivateeye

    Mother's Day gift certificates anyone???

  2. acupuncture for weightloss

    That’s really cool. I never thought a spa would offer acupuncture. I think that would be really neat. There’s nothing more relaxing than acupuncture, which I know many sound crazy to many of you. But honestly.. try it if you haven’t. It’s awesome.

  3. publisher_sa

    My wife says you must be living in a world of masochism to call acupuncture relaxing. She recently had 18 needles in her back and she felt everyone of them. Now mind you, one treatment seemed to have cured her pain, but to call it relaxing is a tad exaggerating. I remember from my time in Hong Kong and Shanghai that it greatly cures what ails, but calling it the ultimate relaxation is an insult to a Day at the beach.

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