Airport Security Checkpoints Love New Laptop Bags

By: Judie Mackie

A new laptop bag for computers has been approved for use at airport security checkpoints. The bags open flat when unzipped and only your laptop computer remains on one side of the bag, just like setting it into a plastic bin provided by security. I have traveled often for business. This new bag sounds like a winner!

Placing your clear and quart sized bag of fluids, tiny purse, shoes, sunglasses and coat into one bin, unzipping your laptop case and placing the computer into a bin by itself, placing the laptop case (without the computer inside) and your permitted carry on bag full of clothes all onto the conveyor belt while trying not to lose track of your boarding pass so you can quickly walk barefooted through the “people” scanner, can be overwhelming to even the well-seasoned flyer.

Not having to remove the computer and deal with the extra bin has to be close to the greatest invention of the year! These new bags are priced at about $100.00. I think I’ll add one to my Christmas wish list.

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