ALFA Romeos and Cadillacs on Amelia Island

ALFA Romeos and Cadillacs on Amelia Island

More news from the 2013 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance confirms the ALFA Romeo Stradale TZ3s and a line of Cadillac Concept cars are coming to NE Florida.

Amelia Island, FL – The last of only nine custom built ALFA Romeo Stradale TZ3s will make its debut on the 18th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance field on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. Known as the Italian sports car with “the heart of a Viper and the soul of an ALFA”, this stunning automobile is sure to please car fans.

Just nine Stradale TZ3s have been constructed to celebrate the centenary of Carrozzeria Zagato in 2010. The Azzurro California hued example slated to appear at the 18th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is the final car in the exclusive series.

Indianapolis 500 racerThe Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance also announced that the supercharged, Miller 91, front drive Indianapolis 500 racer that set a speed record in 1928, will be making an appearance at this 50 year old NE Florida car show, too. Leaving its permanent home at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, the historic car be part of the Concours’ “Cars of Harry Miller” class, which will honor the work of legendary American race car designer Harry Miller.

Leon Duray was behind the wheel of the 1928 Indy 500 Pole Winner when it set a speed record of 124.018 mph during qualifying, and although he never won the race, he set a speed record that still has the experts scratching their heads 85 years later. Sadly, the Indy pole winner led the first 59 laps of the race, but retired with overheating problems. It took seven years of technological progress and a 55 per cent increase in engine size to outrun the Duray Miller’s blistering record qualifying lap.

Cadillac's 2003 "Sixteen"Cadillac’s 2003 “Sixteen” will headline the 18th annual Amelia Concours d’Elegance’s Cadillac Concept Car Class.

A decade ago, the elegant excess of Cadillac’s “Sixteen” Concept Car set off alarms throughout the global auto industry as it rolled into the North American International Auto Show.

Part of Cadillac’s “Art and Science” design theme, the Sixteen, it was widely rumored, came very close to achieving production status. One thing it did very well was to influence and flavor Cadillac’s product planning. The latest generation of Cadillacs carries the spirit of the Sixteen’s concept and execution in their design DNA.

“We wanted a super luxury flagship,” said Wayne Cherry, the retired Vice President of GM Design who led the Sixteen design project. “The Sixteen had to have a presence. We wanted it to be the ultimate expression of Cadillac; to reinstate Cadillac as a world leader in design and technology and a reminder of the heritage of Cadillac.”

The 18th Annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Cadillac Concept Class includes:

    1949 Coupe de Ville
    1952 Convertible Coupe
    1953 Le Mans Concept
    1953 Le Mans
    1953 Supercharged Eldorado
    1956 Eldorado Brougham Motorama Town Car
    1958 Eldorado Biarritz
    1959 Cyclone
    1961 Eldorado
    2002 Cien
    2003 Sixteen
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