Amelia Fishing Report

Summer fishing is still hot all around Amelia Island.

amelia-island-fishing-report1Summer fishing is still hot all around Amelia Island. Afternoon temperatures have cooled a bit with PM thunder showers nearly everyday of the week showing up around the 4PM hour and ending by 7PM leaving more than enough time to hunt your favorite fish.

Backwaters are full of bait and active with red bass, trout, sheep head and more. These fish are in abundance and in addition to their great taste there loads of fun to catch. Best bet for these inland species are fresh live mullet of live shrimp but if dead bait is all that’s available that’s ok just fish it right on the bottom. The beaches continue to produce decent quantities of blues and whiting. Surf gear is best used here with a 2 hook rig and medium sized pyramid sinker. Try your luck during low tide to the fist of the incoming as this has proved to be the best times.

Offshore is still active with both striking fish and those found on the bottom. King mackerel, barracuda, sharks and bonito are still being boated in both good numbers and sizes. The bait of choice is live blue runners or pogies found along the beaches. When trolling stager your baits both on the surface as well as several feet below using a sown rigger. All of the natural reefs and many of the artificial reefs are reporting good catches and are an excellent place for trolling near the coast. The far offshore scene has been slow again this past month with water temperatures in the Gulf Stream too hot and the seas too bumpy to make the long journey however the fall Wahoo bite is just around the corner and it is not too early to get prepared now.

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