Amelia Island Film Festival

Amelia Island Film FestivalOn September 25, the Amelia Island Film Festival, a non profit, 501 C 3 status organization will reel off its inaugural season. Four days of film screenings, workshops, lectures and exhibits at venues throughout the island. Running through September 28, 2008, the film festival plans to screen more than 40 films, including 16 shorts and 15 features, consisting of student, independent, documentaries, Sci-Fi, and classic films.
Passes are available from $45.00 for students to $150 for a couple and entitle the holder to receive one ticket to each screening. If you are a pass-holder it is recommended you arrive at the screening 30 minutes prior to the show to ensure your seat. Public tickets will go on sale 20 minutes prior to the screenings.
The Amelia Island Film Festival is proud to announce our

The Amelia Island Film Festival (AIFF) mission is to encourage, support and promote the film arts by planning, organizing and presenting an annual Film Festival, from which proceeds will support local charities (to be determined each year).

The Festival comprises critically acclaimed and culturally diverse domestic and foreign language feature and short films unlikely to be exhibited theatrically in Northeast Florida. The AIFF will provide a unique cultural experience, educational programs and forums for exploring the future of cinema.

The AIFF is committed to providing the student and independent filmmaker a venue to screen their films.

The AIFF recognizes that in promoting the educational and entertainment aspects of film that it will advance local economic activity.

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