Amelia Island Film Festival

Amelia Film Festival Saturday events for 2010.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hampton Inn & Suites
9:00 AM
Amelia Island Film Festival Screen-Writer’s Institute Panel, featuring Nadine Vaughan, Sharon Cobb and Rick Traum. Open to the public.

1:00 PM
The Grim Diarys, Zac Florence and Gabriella N. Eisenhart
Tile M for Murder, Nathan Boey
The Parrot, Katie Orjonikidze
Beach, Geovanna Fererico
Deedah, Brooke May

3:00 PM
The Touch, Arty Ayris, Rick Taum and Nadine Vaughan

Indigo Alley
11:00 AM
Africa’s Daughters, Natalie Halpern
High Heels, Brett Carlson
NON-LOVE-SONG, Erik Gernard
A Cigar at the Beach, Stephen Mills

1:00 PM
CLARK, Kevin J. O;Neill
Kuna Ni Nanang (My Mother Said), Jessica Sison
you’re a good man antimin, Jonathan Staav
The Miracle, Jeffrey John SMith

3:00 PM
Life on the Edge II: The President’s Dilemma?, Lea Donovan
Author’s Lore, Matthew Cooke
Badminten Bruises, Douglas Neff & Jay Douglas
Le Retour, Rachael Earnest
Brilliant, Marilyn Bright

Intercoastal Wine Company
11:00 Letter Home, Ken Pak
Butcher Boys (Silent Film), T.J. Zale
The Last Page, Kevin Acevedo
Cantata in C Major, Ronnie Cramer

1:00 PM
Blood Promise, Dwayne Tarver
Don’t Look Down, Vincente de la Vega II
Head in the Sand, David Baldwin
Storm’n the Castle, Chris and Lauren Timmons
The Assasin’s Wife, Daniel E. Solomon

3:00 PM
A Piece of Paper, Cesar Raphael
Outrage, Paul D’Agnese and Ace Cruz

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