Retire on Amelia Island
Retire on Amelia Island
Amelia Island has become rather popular over the past 20 or so years as one of the more notable hot spots to call home after one retires. Areas such as the Amelia Island Plantation, Summer Beach and properties lined all along the beach were, and still are, sought after by retirees. Think about it, what better place to retire to than an area loaded with beautiful beaches, pristine golf courses, great restaurants, minimal traffic and friendly people?

While retirees are still considering Amelia Island to either build or buy their dream retirement home, there are some changes taking place. Many of our new residents who have entered the world of retirement are now resigning that post and reentering the work force. We have seen this to some degree in those individuals that greet us at the local Wal-Mart or working a few hours at Chik-Fil-A. I always assumed this was nothing more than a way to earn some extra spending money or a means of making their time more productive. What ever the reason, one could always count on these select few each time you visited one of these establishments. Now I feel there is something way deeper taking place here as more and more of these “retirees” are not only going back to work, but going back to work in a big way.

One gentleman I had a conversation with recently explained to me that he was only 69 years old and still had way too much to offer to just sit around and wait on death; this person started a high end landscape business specializing in total transformations of properties, both residential and commercial. Another husband and wife team started a service watching after homes that are left vacant the majority of the time, both here on the Island and in nearby Jacksonville. Other retirees have become full time antique dealers traveling around buying and selling articles from the past. It seems there are many guilty of the same thing, flunking retirement.

So is it the money or something more? I will say this, I have yet to find a single retired person who claimed he or she is in it for the money. Not one has said “it was because of Bernie Madoff I have to do work again”. No, most feel the same as my 69 year old friend; they are bored with chasing golf balls and have fed enough seagulls at the beach to last a lifetime. What they want is the regiment of work, the structure of having time tables and deadlines and the need to do things that make a difference. Well I don’t know about you but I think it’s great to have caring competent people in the work place, regardless if it’s at a Wal-Mart or designing your lawn. People that give good service and care about the job they do are hard to find. Even though these “use to be retired” people are really no longer retired, they are still moving to our community from all over the world. So the next time you see that “older” greeter at Wal-Mart or that senior citizen who has started his or her own business, go up and congratulate them on their failed attempts at retirement. A pat on the back for doing what makes them feel good. Who said retirement is all that it is cracked up to be, it always did sound boring to me, now I know it is.

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