amelia-toffee6-2016Amelia Toffee Company is the ONLY toffee made with the mgic of beer, rum and bourbon; this is NOT your grandma’s toffee!

Amelia Island, FL – With each bite of Amelia Toffee, first-time fans rave about the consistency, not too hard. just the right firmness and it melts in the mouth. Anita Comisky’s new confection has hit northeast Florida with meteoric acclaim since its debut on the culinary scene in July 2015.

Although Comisky dabbled with making toffee as a child with her mother and grandmother, her first commercial production of the buttery smooth toffee’s diverse flavors boasts the unique and distinctive tastes of:

– Beer (Great Divide’s Yeti Chocolate) ~ brewed in Denver, CO
– Rum is made at The Distillery in St. Augustine, Florida
– Bourbon is Maker’s Mark
– Coffee extract from Amelia Bay (formulated specifically for Amelia Toffee)

“I’ve done a lot of research about taste and what is innovative. As I spent hours walking fancy food shows, farmers markets, liquor stores and specialty food stores, I realized I wanted to do something unique and introduce infusing with alcoholic beverages and flavors. The current generation is eager to try new things; they enjoy tasting and then purchasing.”

Amelia Toffee Company was created in 2015 to provide innovative toffee flavors to die-hard toffee lovers. Each day Comisky discovers new flavors that elevate her grandmother’s original toffee recipe, infusing with beer, coffee extract, rum and bourbon and fresh green tea extract. Maintaining the lightness of flavor with her rich crunchy toffee, fans open each bag that is filled with love and exciting flavorful toffee.

amelia-toffee6-2016-217Blending her grandmother’s affection for new tastes and father’s exploration of new foods, she developed a curiosity to be creative. The specialty toffee is eye pleasing first, yet appeals to all senses when eating, a crunchy sound, the irresistible smell of combined ingredients and then an unforgettable taste.

A. Chocolate comes from Chocoley ~ Atlanta, Georgia family-owned company
B. Almonds are roasted and dusted with sea salt from Jerry’s Nuts in Denver, Colorado ~ family-owned company
C. Amelia Toffee uses the best butter locally sourced in northeast Florida ~ with recipe 1-to-1 butter to sugar
D. Beer ~ Great Divide – one of the best craft brewers in the US
E. Rum ~ The Distillery, St. Augustine, Florida
F. The unique cooking process is via electric heat, using thin pots that conduct the heat well and manage the Florida humidity.

Each season and celebration will challenge Amelia Toffee to develop new flavors and combinations.

For more information, or to find out where to purchase Amelia Toffee, visit their website at: