Anti Bully Film Coming to Nassau County Florida

The community screening will take place at Yulee Middle School on Thursday, March 6 at 6 pm.

Anti Bully Film Coming to Nassau County FloridaIf the headlines in newspapers around the country are any indication, bullying is one of the major problems facing America’s youth and schools today. There have been numerous studies conducted on the issue of bullying, and the numbers all tell the same story:

• Nearly 1 out of 6 students in grades 6-10 are bullied every year
• 6 out of 10 teens witness bullying every day
• 160,000 students miss school every day out of fear of bullying
• 1 in 10 students who drop out of school do so because of repeated bullying
• Bullying has been linked to 75% of all school shootings

These figures are disturbing enough on their own, but domestic violence centers like Micah’s Place have an additional reason to be concerned – children and teens who are victims of bullying or are bullies themselves have a much higher chance of being involved in situations of domestic violence as adults. Victims of bullying may go on to be victims of domestic violence, or they, like childhood bullies, may continue the pattern of violence in their adult relationships. The situation is further complicated by the fact that some children who are involved in bullying, on either side, are living in households where domestic violence is present. The behaviors they model at school are ones they first learned at home.

To break the cycle of domestic violence, we must also address the issue of bullying. For this reason, Micah’s Place is excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Nassau County School system to present a community screening of the film “Bully”! This award-winning documentary follows the lives of 5 students who have been bullied through a year of school, and captures their experiences as well as the reactions of their schools and communities. Immediately following the screening, there will be a panel discussion focused on Taking Action. The panel will be made up of community leaders, each offering a different angle on the issue of bullying and letting students and parents know how we as a community are addressing this problem.

The community screening will take place at Yulee Middle School on Thursday, March 6 at 6 pm. The film is rated PG-13, so parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Please join us in our mission to break the cycle of violence and end bullying! For more information, call (904) 491-6364 or visit

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