Anyone can be an Online Talk Show Host

Business owners, bloggers, teachers, professionals, and really, just about anyone could be an ideal talk show host on the internet.

Anyone can be an Online Talk Show HostThanks to the internet, anyone can be an online talk show host from the comfort of their home or office. According to, “Arbitron recently asked Internet listeners if they were listening more or less to Internet radio, and an amazing 76% said they are listening more.”

Do you have a message to share, a particular passion, or enjoy talking with others? This may be the perfect way to become better known as an expert in your field. Business owners, bloggers, teachers, hobbyists, professionals, and really, just about anyone could be an ideal talk show host on the internet.

First you need to identify your niche. What are you passionate about? Do others currently come to you for advice about a particular subject?

You don’t need much equipment. You can use an external webcam, the one built into your laptop or an inexpensive video camera.

Video streaming platforms are easy to find and many are free. Take a look at, or even BlogTalkRadio to find out more information on how to sign up to host your own talk show.

However, before you spend a lot of time becoming a celebrity in your own mind, there are a few personality traits that you should possess before you take over internet television.

Be a good listener.
It is important you are a good listener and are capable of processing questions from callers quickly. Like the radio, you don’t want a lot of dead-air space to drive away your audience.

Love your topic.
If you don’t love your topic, you won’t want to be “married” to it. If you plan to take this seriously enough to become even semi-successful, you must LOVE your topic.

Stay open to ideas.
You will need to be open to the feedback of others and constantly strive to learn more, not just about your topic, but about technology, too.

Be a hard worker.
Becoming an overnight sensation may be your dream, but in reality hard work and persistance will give you the advantage.

The internet has given us a new way of communicating with others, across the nation and around the world. In 20 years we will look back at how the internet used to be and if you can successfully host your own online talk show, you could possibly be remembered as one of the pioneers in the industry.

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