As the Weather Turns Summer-like

With summer knocking on our door, the Fernandina Beach Police Department reminds beachgoers of proper beach behavior.

Beach Rules Fernandina Beach Florida

These signs welcome visitors to our beaches

The following is a friendly reminder from the Fernandina Beach Police Department that the beaches are there for the enjoyment of all and certain misbehavior will result in warnings and citations.

As the weather continues to improve and residents and visitors start heading for our beautiful beaches, the Fernandina Beach Police Department would like to remind everyone that officers are currently monitoring the beach every day and have been issuing warnings and citations to several dog owners for leash law violations.

Code Enforcement Officers are also dealing with the issue of “beach debris,” the overnight collection of articles from umbrellas, tents and canopies to coolers, lawn chairs and beach toys. Residents and visitors are asked to refrain from leaving these articles on our beaches overnight.

The police department is also working to impact the problem of littering by taking direct enforcement action.  Cans, bottles, papers, and baby diapers should be disposed of properly and not left on our beautiful beaches.  If you want to be proactive, consider joining local volunteers on April 7th at 11:00 AM for a beach cleanup campaign.  Learn more at or Pipeline Surf Shop on Sadler Rd..

In addition, we are once again checking to see if short term rental property is being properly advertised on the Internet and in local newspapers.  Ordinance 2011-23, Section 26-101 (Resort Rental Permit) was amended on November 15, 2011 and now requires that all advertising include the city permit number, mandates annual permit renewal and inspection, and also requires a valid permit be displayed near the main entrance of the residence at all times, among other changes.

Beach Safety Rules

With the summer months upon us, the police department would like to remind residents and visitors of some of our practical beach safety rules.  These rules are meant to provide an enjoyable atmosphere and beach experience for everyone and to keep our beaches safe and clean.

•    Dog owners are reminded that their pet must be on a leash while on the beach and dog owners are responsible for removing any animal waste.

•    The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on the beaches within the City.

•    For the safety of those getting sand between their toes, the use of glass containers is not allowed on the beaches.

•    Parking or driving on the beach is limited to the defined section at the Sadler Road access. (Peter’s Point for the county)

•    Horses are allowed south of the Sadler Road access between May and October from 5:00 PM and sunset or between sunrise and 11:00 AM.  The horse rider is responsible for removing animal waste.

The members of the Fernandina Beach Police Department hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable beach season. Please feel free to call the police department at 277-7342 if you have any questions or to report any violations.

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