Ask Before You Blast that NewsletterIt is poor ettiqette to blast a bulk-email or newsletter to addresses you don’t have permission to use. Ask before you blast!

What happens when you receive email that you didn’t expect, or ask for. Odds are it gets deleted, and on my computer I delete it with a couple of curse words, too, for good measure.

This has happened to me twice, by local members of our community, who know better!

These unsolicited advertisements find their way to my in-box from a variety of non-profit organizations I am a member of… how do I know? Because the two people I am referring to were each on a committee where I also served. Well, guess what, I’m no longer going to “delete” these emails, I’m going to mark them as “spam”. When this is done, a message is sent to their internet service provider (ISP) and that complaint will be added to others who do the same. You can be blacklisted for sending unwanted spam!

Sloppy emails can get you black listed, too, like too much red font, too many “click here” suggestions and too many exclamation points.

If you are going to send mass emails, or newsletters, please make sure your receiver has requested the information first. Personal referrals, prospects, family, friends, and leads are not “requests”, neither are the people you think would like to receive your email. Never purchase an e-mail list.

MailChimp, Constant Contact and other newsletter services explain the correct ways to have your customers “opt in” for your newsletters. Selecting the “double opt in” feature of your service is a great way to make sure you have a valuable list of emails.

One way to help reduce hi-jacked email addresses is too use the “blind copy” feature when sending emails to multiple recipients. This feature makes those email addresses private to all recipients – so they can’t be harvested and then misused.

The Federal Trade Commission spells out the rules in the CAN-SPAM Act article found by using the following link:

I am not calling these two folks out by their names, because I don’t want my email used against me in retaliation, but you know who you are!

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