August 2 to 4th is Florida’s 2013 Tax Free Holiday

One of America's fastest growing holidays is Tax Free Shopping Days!

August 2 to 4th is Florida's 2013 Tax Free HolidayAs a parent, one of America’s fastest growing holiday is Tax Free Shopping Days! In 2013, Florida shoppers will be celebrating this money saving occassion August 2nd through August 4th.

This weekend no sales tax will be collected in Florida on sales of footwear, clothing and certain accessories for $75.00 or less per item. Other school related items such as computers and related accessories, up to $750 or less per item, and used for personal use only will be tax free, too.

The exemption does not apply to any item of clothing selling for more than $75, to any school supply item selling for more than $15, or to any personal computer or related accessory selling for more than $750.

Of course certain restrictions apply such as:
Clothing sold at theme parks, hotels or airports will NOT be tax free.

Some items within a category will be exempt, while others won’t such as:
Ponytail holders, scarves and ties are exempt, but handkerchiefs, jewelry and watches are NOT.

You can read the full pamphlet, including an item by item breakdown, by clicking HERE.

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