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Great Grouper

The first mate groaned as she wrestled both a sizeable Grouper and a huge Seabass over the gunwale and into the boat.

How to Fish for Whiting

Springtime offers some of the best whiting fishing of the year on and around Amelia Island.

Fishing the Atlantic Ocean

Fishing the Atlantic Ocean can be like fishing on a lake, as long as we fill the fish box I’m good with that.

Black Drum Fishing

If you have never heard a large school of Black Drum, “drumming” as they swim past you, particularly at night, it is an eerie spectacle that literally vibrates your boat.

Back Yard Bass Fishing

We tossed some catfood out for chum, launched the castnet against the wind and came up with a nice batch of Gold Shiners from two to six inches long – Bass candy?

We DID NOT Go Fishing off Amelia Island

I’m simply hoping to point out the economic impact of unnecessary fishing closures forced upon us all by misinformed officials who may have someone else’s special interests in mind.

Cold Snap Damages Florida Fish Stocks

The recent cold snap appears to have damaged fish stocks throughout the sunshine state. Massive fish kills from Jacksonville all the way to the Florida Keys are being reported.

Sharks off Amelia Island

We battled three sharks at a time in some instances, causing mayhem and lots of tangled lines and lost tackle.

Fishing Rod Basics

Referring to a fishing rod as a ”POLE” draws a swift rebuke and a lesson on how poles are for flags or NASCAR starting positions.

Going Solo and Fishing Alone

Stalking and catching fish alone provides a certain stimulation I liken to finding an arrowhead in the woods or getting an unexpected check in the mail.

Easily Overlooked Lofton Creek

Depending on the tide and salinity of the water, bream, black crappie, and a variety of catfish also inhabit the stained water of Lofton Creek.

Bottom Fishing the Deep Blue Sea

Tackle shops, restaurants, charter businesses, sources of lodging, seafood houses and more may become just a memory if amendment 17 comes to pass.