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Magic Surrounds An Amelia Oyster Roast

This week we write stories about the sea, seafood, shrimp and festivals. Surrounded by Oyster beds in the marshes here is the recipe for a great Oyster Roast

Is Your Car Insurance Really Protecting You?

When you buy a total loss or all risks covered car insurance you have usually three options to consider, which obviously reflect the premium levels. Read here what to consider.

Driving Miss Daisy – Home Business Part 10

With an aging population there is a growing need for personal attending of the needs of the elderly, such as driving around services and “escort” services. It can be a perfect side business for anyone with some time on their hands or a part time job.

Marketing for Churches – Home Business Part 7

We have been introducing many friends and family members in need of extra income on how, what and when of building a home based business. Today’s unexpected tip make one family very happy.