Author Archive: Johan Ramakers Ph.D

Europe’s Refugee Dilemma

Refugee migrations have a history that is as old as the human race, sometimes caused by hunger and natural disasters, but most often by war.

Everybody Has a Hungry Heart

Even if today was announced as a News day, The Federal Reserve just delivered once again, the invoice for our children and their children. News is just more of the same.

Have a Cigar !!

Detente between Havana and Washington DC opens engagement opportunities that may ultimate correct a 50 year cold war policy mistake.

Greece Blinked First…

As Greece submits a new austerity promise, the real financial anxiety moves to China and the collapsing Shanghai Composite Index

Taking Us to the Crossroad

I wonder about the collapse of money when substandard paintings and rusted automobiles sell at record prices on auctions.

Welcome to the Machine Era has arrived

Knowing the habits, preferences and whereabouts of more than 1.5 billion people and being able to manipulate their decision making processes, is way too much power to go away easily.

Wine and Art Are Telling the Future

As vineyards are pressed to re-locate to better areas and art auctions are going insane, the proverbial canaries in the coal mine are starting to suffocate.

A Different Take on the Immigration Issue

Voter turn out did not warrant a blanket mandate, but supplied strong tell tales of special interest motivation. One in Four votes came from over 60s, dead set to protect their interests.