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Free Advice for Some of my Friends

Financially concerned but emotionally committed, 85% of parents boomers would let their offspring move back in, threatening their retirement reserves.

A Different Take on the Cost of Education

Think twice before using retirement savings to pay for children’s college education. Weigh your options carefully before cheap credit lands you in the poor house.

The Hazards of a Florida Summer

From spiders to snakes and from gators to mosquitos, knowing about Florida’s summer nature hazards is a good way to prepare for warm weather pleasure.

Retirement? Will You Outlive Your Money?

Starting an Internet-based business or restructuring an existing business to be operable over the Internet, offers numerous opportunities in terms of diversified income plus maneuverability.

The Journey from Republic to Empire

When studying empire building, it becomes rapidly clear that there is no distinct line between republic and empire. It’s more or less a natural progression.

The Global Economy: A True Catch 22

As Wall Street deceives us into thinking that the economy is getting better, the Feds keep multiplying their financial stimulus mistakes. A catch 22 for sure

65 Is Merely a Political Number

Happy retirement means you have enough to money to quit working and live the lifestyle you want—and that does not mean microwave dinners in front of the TV.

I Take Only What is Mine

Politicians will shove entitlements onto the backs of businesses resulting in those businesses using robots and software to reduce the workforce.