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The Fallacy of Predictions

A coin flip turns out to be a more accurate predictor of the future than the experts you see on cable’s financial TV channels.

Opposite Day Investing

Have you ever wondered where that money comes from when people get wealthier? Or where it goes when the market turns south?

Is a REIT Right for You?

REIT investment performance has varied historically, with a total annualized return of 11.7% over the past 10 years, and an 8.3% return in 2011

Buy or Rent?

In New York the buying cost averages 32 times the rent cost, but in Miami homes go for about 8 times the annual rent.

Hot Air Stimulus from the Fed

With no more real tools at hand to crank up the economy, the Fed now has to, once again, try to jumpstart the economy with hot air.