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Aged News versus Relevant Fresh News

Susan Doyle would have stayed a remarkably talented 47 year old unknown in Scotland without Internet Video. My personal guru and part time internet marketing mentor Ken McCarthy is one who keeps at least 4 fingers on the pulse of…
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Nigerian Rental Scam in Amelia Park Update

It seems that our story on the Nigerian Rental Scam in Amelia Park has struck a chord all over the Nation. With responses from Connecticut to California and Vancouver Island Canada to Louisiana, we have been receiving emails from people…
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Because These Are Extraordinary Times…

As an individual, you still have the right – even the duty – to take the reigns and forge your own personal future, regardless of where these popular debates lead us.

What’s Happening on Search Amelia

With rapid fire traction Search Amelia is catching the Air Waves, while our talented staff of volunteers and professionals are adding weekly new features to the Web sites and broadcasting line up. Today we’re reaching another small milestone by making…
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Create Excitement for a New Fishing Law

When I first heard that as of August 1st, 2009 shoreline anglers need to have a $9 Florida State Fishing License, I raised my eyebrows. I actually might have rolled my eyes in another gesture of Government Tax denial. After…
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The Truth is a Multi Faceted Conundrum

Some people look in the mirror to find truth and some grab a magnifying glass to try to find it. Like a conundrum, Truth however is a very elusive riddle, the answer usually hidden in a play on words, such…
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Be sure to turn up the sound!

It’s harder and harder to separate truth and the perception of truth, especially if your eyes want to believe and your heart hopes that what you see is what you get – WYSIWYG