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Bleach and Mold Myth

OSHA and the EPA once recommended using bleach for mold, but has since stopped.

Recycle Your Carpet

Planning to have new carpet installed or change the look with wood/tile flooring? What to do with the old carpet? I know. Recycle it!

Preparation for the Storm

This is part two of a four part series, Preparing for Hurricane Season and includes safe evacuation planning.

Fire Damage Cleanup

A fire damage cleanup is not a regular house cleaning. Special techniques and tools are required to do the job right!

Landlords Beware of Mold

Think of mold like an iceberg, the part you can see is only a small part of it, if not dried properly, you may face a law suit.

How to Test for a Shower Pan Leak

A shower pan leak is probably the most costly fix in the bathroom. Keeping this in mind, you can call a plumber or you can perform this test first.

Prepare Now for Spring Cleaning

February is the recommended month for inspecting your home for areas where water is mostly likely to slip its way into your property.

Fungi Education for Property Owners

Property owners are paying thousands of dollars to corrupt contractors seeking to make a profit by performing mold services that do not exist or not performing properly.