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Obama Just Does Not Get It

The list of what we as humans will accept, if someone proves willing to offer it up; is literally endless.

Why Isn’t Gold Selling for $4,000?

The Fed has promised to buy $1.75 trillion (yes, that’s trillion) worth of mortgages, many of which come directly from troubled banks like Citigroup.

Gold and Silver Eagles

Whether you’re a gold bug or a silver buff, you’ve been a happy camper so far in 2009.

Most of the World Loves Socialism

In the same week that we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down ( I saw Pink Floyd’s The Wall there in 1992) a new BBC poll finds that only 11 percent of people questioned around the…
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The Market Follies

With an undercapitalized banking system, most of this zero-interest-rate money is not working its way out into the economy.

The US Economy is Growing Again

The private sector isn’t borrowing. Every day brings more proof. Consumer credit contracted again in September – the 8th month this year.

The Main Investment Problem of our Times

A question I received recently goes to the heart of what a lot of people ‚Äì especially older people ‚Äì are going through: My wife and I are in our mid 70s. We have about 60% of our funds in…
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The Government is Beyond Hope on Stupidity

Despite losing your job, going to part-timer, having your salary reduced, and despite your home’s nest egg falling in value and your inability to get a loan, you’ve managed to increase your spending.