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The Last Wake Up Call for Gold

The banks will resume regular lending, thereby releasing all of the excess money supply into the system within 6 to 24 months.

The Word is to Invest in Brazil

I may not personally like investment bankers Goldman Sachs corporate ethics, but when they share their analysis of a major economic trend it’s best to listen and study how you might prosper from their advice.

Ten Reasons Gold is About to Soar

All gold experts agree on these ten reasons why gold is about to soar… so listen up Amelia Island and protect yourself with precious metals, gold and/or silver.

Why Gas prices Are on the Rise

Yesterday, the gasoline report came in line with expectations for a 2.3 million barrel drawdown. The price of gas rose again.

$1,000 is the New Floor for Gold

The Federal Reserve will likely keep interest rates very low for a very long period of time, gold can keep going higher. Think of gold as an important contributor to wealth preservation.

Warren Buffett and Cheap Stock Wisdom

Billionaire Buffett likes ice cream from Dairy Queen. Maybe we can interest him to have the one here on Sadler Road in Fernandina Beach re-open before the Georgia Florida Weekend.

US Pays $400 per Gallon for Gas in Afghanistan

Last year, the price of gasoline in the United States topped the $4 per gallon mark. This year in Afghanistan, the price has topped $400. I wanted to title this story: So near but yet so far. Imagine this scenario,…
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Boomers are Screwed

This means the housing prices are not likely to recover Рnot in the boomer’s lifetime. That was a once-a-century bubble and it has blown up.

US Treasury Admits to Lying

When our elected representatives and their appointed officials believe we need to be manipulated, they rationalize their lies based on whether they think we need them at the time.