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Your Bankrupt Future

A story reflecting a recent conversation with my publisher…about metals and the U.S. dollar.

This Fraud is the Worst Yet

Of the $1.6 trillion the US government will borrow this year, the biggest single lender is us, the private sector, chipping in $700 billion.

Riding The Silver Bullet

Precious metals have proven themselves as a phenomenal investment when stocks are getting hit the hardest.

A Shortage of Silver is on the Horizon

As gold is getting almost impossible to come by, silver is going the same route and shortages are looming on the horizon. Prices will rise to an unprecedented level

The Casket Shaped Recovery

It would be a miracle if trillions of dollars of debt could be wiped out with one stock market crash and be succeeded by a new bull market driven by another large offering of credit by the Fed.

Four Economic Indicators to Watch

When it comes to figuring out the bigger-picture, longer-term moves for whole investment classes, there’s nothing better than watching a few key economic indicators.