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China the Dollar and Gold

The way China thinks about the dollar and gold affects every one of us on our precious Amelia Island.

Beating Your Property Tax

Home prices are down an average 27% from the 2006 peak. But property taxes – which are based on your home’s assessed value – are up 12% over the same time period.

How to Become Wealthier

One of life’s many credos is to protect and enhance your wealth, as small or large as it may be.

Hold Your Nose and Buy

Consumer spending remains weak. Loan demand remains weak. Credit markets are tight. The labor market is weak. Wages are frozen in most industries and the cost of raw materials is higher.

Hubris and the Hooker

A little something for the people of Fernandina Beach who think our politics are foul….Hubris and the Hooker.

Our Empire of Debt and Consumption

Households are so deep in debt that they’ve stopped buying, and I don’t care what the so-called consumer confidence surveys say.