Avoid Christmas Light Issues

Christmas lights, can anything be done to keeping them working for more than one season?

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas is such a great time of year. A time for family, friends, and several days off from work, more importantly it‚Äôs a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For children Christmas is a magical time that includes mythical characters flying in opened aired vehicle powered by reindeer delivering every type of toy imaginable carries. One thing that‚Äôs common to 90% of every home during this season is a Christmas tree, all decorated with colorful ornaments and twinkling lights; it’s these little lights that cause the most havoc to every family who attempts to reuse them the following year.

Like the family ornaments, we make an attempt to store our Christmas lights” for the following year, but normally they are given far less care when packaging than our decade old ornament heirlooms that hang on the tree. The lights I’m speaking of are the 10-50 bulb strings with small low voltage bulbs that plug into individual sockets. These light strings can be transformed from a constant glow to twinkling mode simply by adding a flasher bulb to the line. These lights are easy to handle and are beautiful when working, it’s when they decide to stop working that the frustration begins. They give no warning prior to not working and can be very aggravating when you remove them to find that all of a sudden they start working again. Usually this is a result of poor removal and handling the year prior along with below standard storing practices.

If you want to reuse your Christmas lights year after year then consider these tips. First remember they are made up of small glass bulbs that are fragile and susceptible to damage. When de-stringing do so in a methodical way; start from the end and carefully coil each string into equal loops doing so while the lights are plugged in and burning to ensure they are in good working order prior to storage. Once the strings are properly coiled use a twist tie on each end of the loop to keep them from tangling. Lastly store these lights in their own container separate from other items such as ornaments etc.; this will help in preventing damage to the fragile bulbs. When the time comes to unpack and reuse the lights do so with the same care as when packing them. Always plug the lights in prior to stringing them and if possible leave them illuminated while stringing, this will help assure everything is in good working order while you’re placing them. Reusing these tiny lights is possible, and with a little care will make your investment last longer, and your blood pressure remain normal.

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  1. dreamsfloatjoe

    Lighten up, yule be happy!

    How long does it take to burn a candle down?

    About a wick !

  2. dreamsfloatjoe

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Lighten up, yule be happy!

    How long does it take to burn a candle down?

    About a wick.

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