Peters Point beach 53 beachfront properties located in the county near Peter‚Äôs Point want to be annexed into the city limits to restrict beach driving and further reduce beach access to all other residents and visitors. These few property owners, who are not all full-time residents, are making their attempt to privatize our beaches for their personal gain. According to a letter from the president of the Sandpiper Beach Homes Association, 80 percent of the property owners are in favor of annexation. (You bet they are. Their property values will sky-rocket with their own private beach!) The annexation application states that they are requesting the annexation “in an effort to improve the quality of life for our property owners.” Come on residents, WAKE UP, these are ‚Äúour‚Äù beaches. If this is approved, these 53 property owners get to improve the quality of their life at the expense of reducing the quality of life for several thousand people who will no longer be able to enjoy that stretch of the beach.