No sense taking action before the ship sinks...?!

I am simply amazed at the continued destruction in the Gulf.  It has been over fifty days now, and we continue to point fingers at who is to blame while people are loosing their businesses, their way of life and wildlife continues to suffer.

To me this is a little like the last night aboard the RMS Titanic, you go up to the bridge to complain about the dinner, Capt. Smith meets with you and assures you he is going to get to the bottom of it and make them pay.  Gosh, you feel so much better now, but wait, what’s this water doing up around your ankles?   Mr. President don’t worry, there are asses being kicked every day, just ask the people on the Gulf coast and the dying wildlife.

Folks there will be plenty of time to point fingers, play the blame game and bring those responsible to justice.  Right now we have a problem Houston.  If BP can’t get the job done then try turning it over, or at least opening it up to the ingenuity of those inventors who have solutions currently.

Oh, I forgot, regulations and permits, that’s right, we have those to contend with.  While the name game is playing in the background and people with sound plans are waiting in the wings for permission to move forward, we will watch the oil spread ever wider and more wildlife, businesses and beaches bite the dust.  So far this has been better then any comedy I have seen in a long while.  At lease Wilie Coyote had sense enough to order new gadgets from the Acme invention company.  To me this is like trying to trap hornets with a chain link fence, you will get stung every time.

This is a country that has become too dependent on regulations, permits and little people with a tad of authority thinking they are back in the old west and have all the power in the world.  I will be willing to lay a bet on the table, this problem is not going to go away anytime soon.  The politicians will continue to strengthen their individual positions and lay foundations for the next election.  The blame game will get wider and broader with each passing day.

These are the important things in life though, let’s not worry about the oil gushing out daily, it will take care of itself, or so we hope.