Breast Cancer – Early Diagnosis Is The Key To CureBy Aimee Sparker

Breast cancer is the fastest spreading disease among women. Seminars and awareness sessions are conducted by the American Cancer Society to let people know about these diseases and the significance of right time diagnosis. The number of cases reported for having cancer is more than 2 million with a death toll above 40,000 patients.

Awareness Is Better For Preventing
Awareness sessions are aimed at spreading knowledge about how to lower the cancer chances. It is a also a fact supported by stats of American Cancer Society that cancer is not just specific to women, men are also the victim of this deadly disease. There are more than 1600 male cancer patients detected for the current year with an expected death toll of about 400. It tells us how important it is to have awareness for minimizing the cancer risk.

Regular Check-Ups
People are not conscious about regular checkups that could diagnose cancer development. Many wouldn’t have checkups for the last 5 years. It’s not possible to confirm about your safe health, if you are not having regular cancer clinic visits. Right time diagnosis can lower the suffering as there is no clear treatment for this disease.

Fighting With Cancer
Number of patients who die with cancer is increasing day by day. Many have been experiencing the consequences of late detection of the disease. An early diagnosis raises the chances of curing to a high extent through various treatment procedures. Many success stories of cancer patients who are enjoying better life just because they caught the disease at the first step and then the right treatment helped them toward recovery.

Right Treatment At Right Time Helps Curing Cancer
After cancer is diagnosed, at the right time, treatment procedures like chemotherapy and radiation help in killing the cancer cells. These treatment procedures are only helpful if your expert doctor has detected the development of cancer at early stage. People not having check-up in past 4-5 years may not expect a successful treatment if cancer happens to be rooted in their bodies. It would be a long fight started to win over cancer with more chances of losing.

Self Examination Is Beneficial
If you are not visiting cancer clinics, then experts say that regular self examination should be performed for detecting any visible changes in breasts. If there are any signs that you have not seen in the past, immediately consult a nearby cancer detection clinic or your own doctor. Women belonging to the age group 18-40 should go for check-up every 2 or 3 years. After crossing the age limit of 40, check-up should be on yearly basis.

Breast Cancer Is Not Hereditary
There are little chances of breast cancer to be transferred through genes, but if there is some family history then, you should go for regular check-ups every year. Awareness about different signs and symptoms that lead toward breast cancer is important to gain.

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that is taking life of many men and women every year. The only way to lower the death toll and cure is early diagnosis. Regular check-ups will help you in fighting this disease with high success chances.

Author Bio:
Aimee Sparker is a content writer and marketer who is working working for the health care industry. Nationwide Synergy deals with hormonal deficient patients.