Bring on the Group Fitness

Your gym friends are not your best friends, yet, your best friends don't understand WHY you go to the gym!

Bring on the Group FitnessI love group fitness classes. You enter a class on day one and don’t know a soul in the class. Maybe you live in a small town like we do here in Fernandina Beach and you recognize a face or two. As you continue attending classes you will notice those same faces have made attending the class a priority, as you have. Suddenly you find yourself chatting with a few “new” friends. You may even look forward to seeing some of them on a regular basis.

First, and this is a hard lesson to learn, you may never be best friends with your gym pals, but you all have a common goal. This is the truth!

But, something even harder to learn is that many of your so-called “best friends” may never quite understand your mission for self-improvement.

Your “best friends” are often the least supportive in your mission for health. It is not that they don’t love you, they just don’t understand this new and improved YOU! Think about it… many of the bad habits that got you into bad shape in the first place were likely shared with your closest friends:

    Overindulging at social gatherings
    Drinking too much alcohol, soda, sweetened tea or other high caloric beverages.
    Movies and buttery popcorn
    You know… all the good stuff!

It is up to YOU to change your life! PERIOD! If you find you cannot stay motivated on your own, which most people find difficult, try enrolling in a group fitness class. You may just find this is the perfect way for you to stay motivated! Your new “gym rat” friends will encourage you to keep attending… and that is the HARDEST part of going to the gym. (Trust me!)

As you make lifestyle changes to your overall conditioning, simply remind your friends that they are very important to you, but you must continue this path to health by finding a compass that works for you… better yet, see if you can encourage them to join you and come along for the ride.

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