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fire-house-cookbook (63 Flaming Hot and finger licking good Firefighters recipes)

63 "fireproof" recipes

63 "fireproof" recipes

A Fireman’s shift is usually 24 hours long and the entire crew lives as a unit. All firemen on a shift live, work, sleep and eat together for those 24 hours.  Not surprising that the social focus during those 24 hours is on the kitchen. The designated cook makes up the grocery list and everyone pitches in for the food shopping list for their meals during those 24 hours.

Obviously food plays a major role in their social worklife and most firemen become very talented and creative chefs during their years on active duty.

We have selected 63 recipes from one fulltime Firehouse for your indulgence. Admittedly some of these recipes do not qualify for the Ultimate Diet Award, but they are incredibly tasty nevertheless and what’s even better,  they are very affordable. And let’s face it. Some of this guys look like they belong on a calendar, so it can’t be all that bad.

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