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Marine Maintenance Savings Book

Marine Maintenance Savings Book

Jamie D, 4th generation Amelia Island boating expert, put this e-book together to show you how to perform certain costly, yet easily to learn, maintenance necessities for your watercraft and outboards.

He also includes numerous simple but valuable tips that will help you to save big on your boating budget.

From preparing your boat for the spring to winterizing your boat or preparing it for sale, Jamie D gives you the highlights and the insights – step by step. He also tells and shows you on video how to change your 2 or 4 strokes Outboard Oil and for example how to install and maintain the Bilge Pump. Other topics that pass inspection are repairing the outboard’s water pump, correctly using the fuel separator, how to prepare and maintain the props, electrical wiring and much more.

Jamie D has been in boating and firefighting all his life. He is incredible detail oriented, and he wants you to be able to enjoy your crafts, even in economically challenging times. He sees it as required family bonding.

For good measure he has thrown in 4 bonus chapters, loaded with tips on saving and safety, including a complete list of safety gear, you should consider having aboard.

Book comes with 4 videos included in Quicktime format



Personal Watercraft Maintenance Explained

How to keep your Fun watersports in top condition

How to keep your Fun watersports in top condition

Personal Water Crafts (PWC) or also referred to as Jet Skis are high performance water toys, that, with the right attention for maintenance and care will not only safe you a lot of money in repairs, but also be much more reliable when you’re way out ther on the water.

At SearchAmelia we have made offering tip on “SAVING MONEY” our goal and ambition.

Most, if not all of our published e-books and videos will teach you how you can avoid expensive repairs by just performing a couple of simple actions yourself and extend lifetime and joy of your motorized toys and vehicles.

This e-book and accompanying download video for Jet Skis shows you all the parts that need attention and all the inexpensive products (rather than pricy factory brands) you need to keep your toy in perfect shape.

Explanatory videos included (Quicktime)



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