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Learn More About Allergies

Allergy is one of the most common long-term health conditions. “Over the past several decades, the prevalence of allergies has been increasing,” says Dr. Paivi Salo, an allergy expert at NIH.

Researchers Explore the Secret to Living Longer

The key to healthy aging is to engage fully in life, mentally, physically, and socially. “Transitioning to older years isn’t about sitting in a rocking chair and letting the days slip by,” Bernard says.

FSCJ to Offer Free Health Education and Screenings

Florida State College at Jacksonville’s North Campus invites faculty, staff, students and the community to visit the 2016 Health Literacy Fair to enjoy no-cost health and wellness related activities.

Are You Ready to Wear Shorts?

Filling up on fresh vegetables goes a long way in cleaning up your diet and living a healthier lifestyle. But, many find it tough to get more vegetables into their daily diet.

A Look at Epilepsy

During some seizures, a person may stop what they’re doing and stare off into space for a few seconds without being aware of it.

I’d Like to Buy a Bowel, Please

When you are diagnosed with cancer, some of the worst imaginable thoughts go through your mind. When you tell your loved ones you have cancer, what they imagine is even worse!

Second Annual Teal Pumpkin Project

A teal pumpkin on Halloween lets kids know they’ll be receiving non-food treats, such as toys or stickers, so children with food allergies can trick-or-treat, too.