Mariners Corner

Mariner tips for the water loving lifestyle

Avoid Alcohol when Boating

The probability of being injured on the water doubles when alcohol is involved as proven by this Darwin Award nominee.

Always Wear a Lifejacket

Darwin Awards are given to people whose lack of common sense often removes them from the gene pool. And the award goes to…

What Happened to this Year’s Transient Boat Season?

Being the first port in Florida, Amelia Island has deep water, a wide channel, lots of dock-age (over 1800’ of breakwater), fuel, lounge and laundry facilities, great shopping, restaurants and much more.

Please Give Space to the Manatees

Florida wildlife officials are urging boaters to be on the lookout for manatees that are migrating to warmer waters for the winter.

Know Your Water Before Setting Sail

I have received several e-mails over the past couple of weeks from people who’d like to take up boating and the need to understand nautical charts.

End of Season Boat Trailer Maintenance

Most boaters have little to no issues when it comes to maintaining their boats, however when it comes to trailers most have no clue as to what to look for or how to address problems or potential problems.

Bilge Pumps and Your Boat

One huge misconception is that bilge pumps are on a boat as a life safety feature and can save a boat from sinking.

Sharks off Amelia Island

We battled three sharks at a time in some instances, causing mayhem and lots of tangled lines and lost tackle.

An update on the Vandenberg

In an effort to relieve fishing and diving pressure on the natural reefs more and more mothballed and retired government ships are being transformed into instant artificial reefs.