Popular European game for all ages

Petanque Open 2010 Video

The Petanque America Open 2010 has come and gone, but this annual event leaves behind wonderful memories for visitors and locals alike.

Pétanque Tournament on November Menu

November 13 and 14 will showcase the second Pétanque America Open Tournament on the Historic Fernandina Waterfront with top players from around the world.

Petanque on Amelia Island

When Jeff Malone was first introduced to the game of Petanque, he found himself drawn by the camaraderie and atmosphere that dictates this French Ball game.

Mark March 26 and 27 on your Calendar

Save the date of March 26-27 when Petanque America organizes its regional tournament and introduces the old Europe Music Glory in the form of a Carillion Concert in the Park in Fernandina Beach.