Blue Sparkler

Ingredients: 1 part Raspberry Rum 1 part Blue Curacao Liquor 1 part Lemonade

Blue Motorcycle Cocktail

Since this is Bike Week, I wanted to find a cool recipe to share with your friends once you‚Äôve put the kickstands down for the night. Whether making this for one friend or for the entire party, this is an…
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The Ski Lift Cocktail

Here is a tropical twist to hot chocolate. Ingredients: 1 shot of peach schnapps 1 shot of coconut rum Hot chocolate Whipped cream Shredded coconut Directions:

Root Beer Bomb

Ingredients: 1 pint butter pecan ice cream 4 full shots of spiced rum (Captain Morgan will suffice) 3 or 4 cans of ice cold root beer Directions: Pour spiced rum into four tall glasses and fill glass to about ¬æ…
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Hurricane Cocktail

The hurricane is an extremely sweet alcoholic drink made from lime juice, passion fruit syrup and rum. It is one of many popular drinks served in New Orleans. The Hurricane was invented during World War II at Pat O’Briens‚Äô bar…
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The Alabama Slammer

Say what you want about Alabama, this is a tasty cocktail! Ingredients: 1 part Sloe gin 1 part Whisky 1 part Galliano 1 part Triple sec 5 Ice cubes Top off with Orange juice 1 Orange slice 1 Maraschino cherry

The Healthy Weight Loss Cocktail

Losing weight is important to health of your liver which manages your metabolism and your thyroid. Both are important allies in your battle of the bulge. Here are two cocktails recipes that will help improve the function of your liver.

Acapulco Zombie

Ingredients: 1 oz Vodka 1 oz Tequila 1 oz White Rum 1 dash Creme de Menthe 3 oz Orange Juice 3 oz Grapefruit Juice Directions: Add the 4 liquors to a tall glass half filled with ice cubes. Fill with…
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The American Dream

The American Dream is a tasty patriotic cocktail that is ideal for any American-themed occasion. It is the creation of Bridget Albert, Master Mixologist and author

The Obama Nation Cocktail

Just in time for the Inauguration!!! For those of you wanting to raise a glass to the new president, mixologists have been designing a host of drinks

Hot Russian Cocktail

This is a tasty beverage to warm the adults after a romp in the snow – or in Florida, just going outside when it is below 50 degrees.

Coffee Cooler or On the Rocks?

Ingredients: 1 Cup strong brewed coffee ¬º teaspoon vanilla extract ¬Ω Cup reduced fat vanilla yogurt 3 Tablespoons sugar 1 ¬Ω Cups ice Directions: Mix coffee, vanilla, yogurt and sugar in a blender until smooth. Add ice and mix until…
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Hot Buttered Rum

Ingredients: 1 oz light rum 1 tsp light brown sugar 1/2 tsp butter 3 cloves Directions: Add the sugar, butter and cloves to a coffee mug.

Candy Cane Cocktail

Ingredients: 3/4 oz Peppermint schnapps 3/4 oz Creme de cacao 1/4 oz Grenadine syrup