How to Select Comfortable Sandals for Summer Wear

It is summer and selecting comfortable sandals is important here in Florida. All footwear constitutes a very integral part of your wardrobe. Although the total number of shoes may vary on your preference, you definitely have different kinds of shoes that suit different seasons of weather or the different terrains you are going to encounter. Picking the right footwear – for the right event – is very fundamental. Comfort is essential when it comes to the shoes you select, and so is the shoe being fashionable.

One of the most comfortable shoes that you can find are sandals. They are worn year round here in Florida with our sunny weather and warmer climate. They allow aeration to your feet and the strain of your toes squeezing in tight shoes will not be there. The best thing you can do is identify sandals that are durable and well designed so that they will not result in you suffering from blisters on your feet. It is important that you realize all sandals aren’t made primarily for comfort; some are made for fashion.

The following are tips to use in picking the right sandals for you:
1. Pick sandals that are appropriate for the activity you are going to do.
Summer offers a wide range of activities you can participate in as you enjoy the warm sunny weather. While walks on the beach and having picnics are some of the recreational activities that are common, some sandals have features that are designed for certain activities. For example, hiking sandals have outer soles that are rugged and usually have straps that go across the foot. Hiking sandals are designed to effectively protect your feet and give you a good grip on the ground as you hike.

2. Get the right fit.
When it comes to identifying comfortable shoes, the fit is a major factor to consider. Get a sandal that will easily accommodate your foot and that doesn’t result in parts of your foot hanging over. The front part of the sandal should have enough space to accommodate your toes, and you shouldn’t have to clench them because they are hanging over. The straps of the sandals should support your foot well and shouldn’t be too tight, or too loose, as you walk.

3. Identify sandals with arch support.
There are few sandals that are good for walking all day. This is because most of them are not designed to give the arch support that you need as you wear them for an extended period of time. Arch support is important, it prevents you from experiencing fatigue in your muscles and could help prevent back pain, too.

4. Make sure the sandal has adequate cushioning.
Ensure that the sole of your sandal is made of foam that is dense as well as high-quality. The cushioning should be present particularly in the heel area of the foot. You can use your finger to push into heel area to test if the foam is enough for your comfort.

Author bio – Mach Joel is a fashion designer and expert. He has his own fashion house that sells men’s wear and authentic footwear that includes bamboo sandals. He is a great fan of soccer matches which he loves to watch during his free time. For more information, please visit his website by clicking HERE.

6 Reasons Women Love Naval Sarees

Here are six reasons why Indian women, well all women, are head over heels about the outfit called Naval Sarees.

Sarees are trademarked Indian attire. The vibrant colors and the elegant designs for sarees have made them envied and adapted by women from other cultures around the world. Long gone are the days when women wore boring sarees that just made them look older. Nowadays, women wear sarees to look sexier and attractive. Naval sarees are chosen because of the following reasons:

1. Sexy blouses
There are numerous designs for sexy saree blouses designed that would only cause that fashion furor if worn with the low naval sarees. The blouses have different cuts and designs such as the backless blouses. The mainbackless blouse designs include the v-shaped, noodle strap blouses, boat shaped backless tops, or even the halter neck backless blouse designs. When going to a party and you have any of these blouse designs, the only way to don the saree would be with the sexy backless top.

2. Expression of beauty
The naval part of a woman’s body is very appealing to men. This isn’t to say that Indian ladies are sexual creatures. However, just like the crop tops and tights worn by ladies all around the world, the naval saree is worn for one to look attractive. The sarees worn are made of light fabrics like georgette, satin or sheer. Therefore, despite the covered up naval and belly button, you can still see through the beautiful shape of the body.

3. Perfect party wear
What other way would you go to a wedding after-party? Indian weddings are celebrated with pomp and color. This means that all ladies and also men are elegantly dressed in beautiful attires. The low-cut and light naval sarees are the perfect attire to be worn to the party. They are light to dance and swivel around. You never know; that saree could attract Mr. Right right to your door.

6 Reasons Women Love Naval Sarees

4. Cultural appreciation
The saree is the most renowned cultural mark of the Indians. By wearing the naval sarees, a woman shows her appreciation of the Indian cultural/ethnic wear and also the beauty associated with the community.

5. Show of confidence
There is no better way of exuding confidence oozing with elegance than by wearing a low naval saree paired with a low-cut blouse, probably backless, and accessorizing with a complete set of South Indian jewelry. A confident person portrays an attractive personality that will be envied by others and also a good character considered by most gentlemen.

6. Motivator for healthy living
You have probably seen all the videos of the beautiful women on the screen donning elegant low naval sarees. They have the perfect body shapes and even if you can’t have that body now, the naval sarees are the best motivation for all women to maintain a fit and that perfect body shape.

The naval sarees, backless blouses and beautiful jewelry are very attractive and therefore a wardrobe necessity for all Indian ladies and even non-Indian women around the world. However, before trying out a design, ensure that it fits your body perfectly and will best accentuate your features.

Author Bio
Jasmine Amira is an Indian blogger focusing on the Indian traditions, fashion items, cultures and ceremonies. Learn all there is about Indian ethnic wear on You can learn about India and South Indian jewelry on her blog today.

Fifi’s Fine Resale Mom’s Day Giveaway 2016

Fifi's Fine Resale Mom's Day Giveaway 2016Fifi’s Fine Resale of Amelia Island has partnered with several local businesses to put together an incredible pampering package worth over $1,100 that will be awarded to one lucky lady just in time for Mother’s Day on Friday, May 6, 2016.

The winner will receive:
• One night stay in an Ocean-View Deluxe Room at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, valued at $400
• Shopping spree pass for ladies apparel and accessories from Fifi’s Fine Resale of Amelia Island valued at $100
• Cut & Color Hair package from Cormier Hair Studio valued at $120
• Makeup Application from Cormier Hair Studio valued at $55
• Two complimentary haircuts from Cormier Hair Studio valued at $45 each
• Day of Beauty including one half hour Facial, and one half hour Massage from Park Avenue Natural Day Spa, valued at $100
• One hour massage with Dorie Chauncey, valued at $75
• One hour massage with Kelsey Prather, Coastal Massage, valued at $75
• Pi Infinite Combinations certificate, valued at $25
• Beach Diner certificate, valued at $20
• Two single scoops of ice cream from Fernandina’s Fantastic Fudge
• Bo & Mike’s Detail Shop car wash, valued at $32
• #MomLife graphic tank from Fifi’s Fine Resale of Amelia Island, valued at $23
• Jamberry Nails Mother’s Day Gift Set, valued at $62 (courtesy of Nicki Bergen)

To enter the contest, download the Fifi’s Fine Resale of Amelia Island app free from iTunes or Google Play. The Moms Day Giveaway page on the app makes it simple and easy to nominate your favorite mom to receive this incredible gift package. Get your creative juices flowing and send an email to if you can not download the Fifi’s app. Self-nominations are allowed, or you may submit a friend or relative.

In the body of the email enter the nominee’s name, size, approximate age, height, occupation, marital status and number of children if applicable. Picture attachments are encouraged. Send us your stories! Why should we select you to win this package? Describe her personality and style, and why you feel she is in need of a fashion update. If you have an interesting fashion story or facts about your nominee that will help her poor fashion sense stand out in a crowd, this is the time to share! First impressions truly intertwine with opportunity in this contest!

Submit your entries via email to by Wednesday, May 4, 2016. The winner will be announced Friday, May 6.

How to Update Your Look with Latest Fashion Trend

How to Update Your Look with Latest Fashion TrendIn our fashion conscious world, the need to maintain appearances has increased. Staying updated with fashion trends and identifying your own personal style has never been as important. By giving your appearance an extra bit of attention, you will improve your social prospects and outward perception to people as well. Your style image is the first impression and judgment base for many people. Imagine what they’re thinking when you walk into a room sloppily dressed!

Cleaning up your look isn’t to please anyone else. It should be perceived as a way of grooming, enhancing your appearance to its full potential. For some, this maybe a stressful task. In the fashion word, flawless models flaunt the most stylish clothing leaving many of us feeling intimidated and insecure. Don’t compare yourself with others, accept yourself and your body for the way it is. Stay updated with the latest trends through social media- blogs, fashion websites, and online stores like to find out what suits you best and flatters your body type and personality.

Move out of your comfort zone and get creative with out of the box styles. Try a print on print, or add a dash of bold color to show your fearless side. Pair white with white or a classic denim on denim for a chic look, or let out quirky side by wearing sneakers with a dress. While you could never go wrong with good old neutral tones, experiment with your color blocking skills with bright colors that pop. Collaborate a matching crop top and skirt to give your outfit a fun, youthful appeal. The options don’t stop with clothes, experiment with accessories: heels, belts on bulky clothing, rings and jewelry stacking to add a glamorous element and a unique touch to your attire.

Developing your own unique sense of fashion style may take time and effort. There are a variety of different looks to explore:
• Sporty style – relaxed, comfortable, without highlighting too much your silhouette. Team up joggers with a relaxed tank or a baggy shirt with leggings to get this easy going look. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers.
• Classic style – a more sophisticated and elegant style for women with classic tailored fits, penciled skirts, pointed toe pumps, trousers, suits and blouses, you could never go wrong with this formal wear.
• Boho Chic style combines various styles from folk to hippie with a chic twist. The style is expressed in a casual, laid back and unconventional way. Tye dye clothing, headbands, tassels, and paisley prints can all be mixed and matched to achieve this look.
• Glam & rock style – this edgy rock-inspired style is incomplete without confidence and attitude. The Glam rock style merges punk and grunge with a balanced and modern approach. Darker colors, studs, band logo tee shirts, ripped jeans, converse shoes, leather, skinny jeans and black boots completes the look.

These are just a few popular styles, there are many others to explore. Wear what you love and love what wear. Focus on what makes you feel good and unleash your inner confidence. You may just stumble across something that you may have been afraid of wearing in the past. Let all of these changes bring out the real you, you may just be somebody else’s role model.

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Estate Sale Features Well Priced Collectibles and Antiques

Estate Sale Features Well Priced Collectibles and Antiques

Click to enlarge poster

The Scottsdale Estate Sale features well over 300 exceptionally priced lots of glass, brass, and ceramic collectibles, antiques, oversized vases, large paintings and more. The original family estate included an antique shop, and items from an eclectic decorating service. You will find ornamental fixtures, classically framed portraits on canvas, crystal serving pieces, silver flatware, a huge variety of vintage sconces and more. Nearly every item is a conversation piece, and all are priced to go!

The sale includes a set of vintage glass canisters, brass candelabras, an elegant Crescent China pitcher and wash basin – rimmed in gold – from Harrods, a mother of pearl handled dinner knife set, ornamental silver serving spoons, silver flatware, antique salt cellars and more.

Other antiques include a bed warmer, mirrors, handles and other hardware, framed artwork, pewter items of interest, a couple of military pieces and in excellent condition an A950 Hurd Supercaster fishing rod with case.

The only furniture in the sale is an Italianate, wrought iron dining suite designed in an interesting, Art Moderne style. The base of this rectangular table frame measures 30 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 60 inches long. The handsome beveled glass top is made of three-quarter inch glass that is 40 inches wide and an impressive 96 inches long. Eight open armchairs are included with the set, and the drop-in seats are covered.

This unique estate sale is being held for one day only, October 10, 2015, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, inside the Residence Inn Amelia Island, located at 2301 Sadler Road, in Fernandina Beach.

Please, cash only! No large bags or purses will be permitted inside the show room. Serious inquiries only, please call Otto at (904) 729-5691.

For pictures of some items please visit this facebook event page

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Illuminate Your Home Naturally

Illuminate Your Home NaturallyFlorida, the land of sunshine, offers multiple opportunities to enjoy that sunshine – even indoors. More natural sunshine indoors can help to reduce power bills and also increase the sense of well-being in the home. You don’t have to knock down walls to bring those rays indoors, you can find ways to modify your existing home without too much extra expense or hassle. You might want to try decorating or structural changes or both to increase the natural illumination in your house. If you do opt for structural changes, you will need to make sure that any new changes are covered by your home warranty for the long run.

Cheap Decorating Options to Bring in More Light
Anyone who has had to find ways to bring in natural light to a dark apartment can make use of the same techniques in any home. Mirrors and glass surfaces are essential for bouncing light into a room from a nearby window and making it appear brighter. Large mirrors not only expand a small space, but offer a reflective surface that can literally glow with outside light. However, to get that light inside first, you can also opt for sheer curtains on the windows to help draw more light into the room, instead of using heavy drapes in the summer. Using glass furniture like coffee tables and other furniture accents is also another way to bounce light around the room that does not require that you make any structural changes to the home.

Remodeling Tricks to Bring in More Light
If you have a few hundred dollars in your remodeling budget, there are even more ways to bring that precious sunlight into any dark space, whether there is a window there or not. Skylights and solar tubes are the most popular ways to bring in light into a space without putting in new windows. New windows are an option, but generally the most expensive option on the table.

If there is a vaulted roof directly overhead in the space you want to be brighter, you can opt to stick in a skylight. Skylights are wonderful for providing natural light year-round, but should be installed professionally to make sure they do not leak. By having them installed professionally, there will be no issues about coverage on your homeowner’s insurance plan. They can also help to ventilate hot spaces at night by opening them to let in the fresh night air.

Solar Tubes
For a less costly option, but one that works equally as well to draw in natural light in any space you can install solar tubes. These novel sun tunnels, as they are sometimes called, are made of a reflective, flexible, 10 to 14-inch diameter tube that will illuminate any space, even if you have an attic eave upstairs. They are installed in the through both the roof, the attic, and then down to the lower floors to pull in sunlight from the top of the house in dark rooms underneath. They are generally a lot less expensive to install than skylights and can be used anywhere in the home, unlike skylights.

Mix and Match Solutions
Just because you add a skylight in one area doesn’t mean you can’t put in a solar tube in other areas. You can put several solar tubes in a hallway or dark inner bathroom to bring in light and leave a skylight for the more dramatic home areas, like the living room, where you can appreciate the starry sky and cool night air. Use these structural changes with decorating tips to bring in light, and you can make any home bright and cheery in record time.

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Fashion Show Luncheon to Benefit Micah’s Place

Fashion Show Luncheon to Benefit Micah's PlaceMicah’s Place is the only certified domestic violence center serving Nassau County, Florida. Micah’s Place offers safe, confidential shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and more to victims of domestic violence – all for free! This delightful fund raiser permits you to enjoy a fabulous lunch while viewing the latest fashions for spring by Chico’s and the Monkey Barrel of Amelia Island.

This Style Show and Lunch will be held at Osprey Village on Friday, February 13, 2015, at 11:30 am. Hosted by Osprey Village, an independent living, retirement center on Amelia Island, their professional chef has prepared a menu of tomato bisque, caramelized pear, walnut and Gorgonzola salad with grilled chicken, and a brownie with red berry coulis.

There will be an amazing wine selection, and raffle tickets will be sold for terrific prizes such as a $100.00 gift certificate to David’s Restaurant and Lounge, two nights at The Hoyt House Bed and Breakfast, a large basket of imported chocolates, and more.

Tickets are only $30.00 each and are available at the Purple Dove Resale Center, 474311 E SR 200 in Fernandina Beach, or on Amelia Island at the concierge office of Osprey Village, or at the Monkey Barrel in the Plantation shops located at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation on A1A.

All proceeds from this event will help provide prevention and intervention services, and provide education within our community to effect change in behavior and attitudes relating to domestic violence.

For further information about the Style Show and Lunch, please call (904) 491-6364, ext. 100.

If you, or someone you know, are currently experiencing emotional, physical, psychological, economical, verbal, or any other kind of abuse, or are in a controlling relationship, Micah’s Place can help you. Call (800) 500-1119, (904) 225-9979, or visit

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Footwear Forecast: Shoes you Need for Spring

Footwear Forecast: Shoes you need for SpringThere is no such thing as enough shoes for women, there is never enough and there shouldn’t be. Like bad hair days there are bad shoe days, where you simply can’t find that perfect pair which goes along with your entire look, accentuating it to perfection. If that’s exactly how you feel, then welcome to the I-always-need-new-shoes club. With that comes good and bad news together.

Let’s talk about good first, you’ll get to know what’s trending in shoes and where are all those heels and flats headed to. Do you really want to hear the bad part? Bad part is, you’ll be left with a lust of an infinite more.

Here’s a drool worthy list of some of the trendiest shoes you need for the coming season.


The Metallic Sandals:
Well, sandals all covered in their metallic sass were all over the spring/summer 2015 runways. Since then they are making quite an appearance from models, fashion shows, street styles to general women fashionistas. Everyone is embracing this new shoe trend.

Unlike last year’s ugly sandals, this pair does have a semi-formal panache to it. The metallic bling makes me want to believe that this spring and summer will be a whole lot shinier.


Flats that point:
Runways were stormed by all kinds of super comfy and uber chic flats. If we talk about a particular number of pointed toe flats, they will be trending big this coming season.

Sling back pointed toe flats will transform our shoe collection from mostly pointed toe heels to pointed toe flats. You can’t just get enough of them with ankle straps; glittered details tie back, strappy, metallic and what not.

If you are into flats and you don’t feel the need for heel everyday then this spring and summer will be bringing a lot of shoes for you.

Platforms are back:

Good news for those who loved the 60’s and 70’s platforms for they are back in vogue and making quite a statement.

The broad yet comfier feel of platforms is undeniably needed in our shoe collection. Ultimately we need to alleviate from pencil heels and give our feet a platforming twist.

If you want to know how and with what you can stylishly pair them with then the answer is: with all your formal and semi-formal dresses. They are certainly the alternative you were looking for to get out of your pencil heels.


Block your heels:

Your heels got a sudden twist, they are not so pointed anymore.

The runways are indicating that we will be wearing more block heels then the pointed ones. With fringed details, or embellishments around, strapped over the ankles or tied all the way up there’s a new block heel intervention taking over this spring and summer.


All laced up:

If you have noticed there is a common element among all these shoes that will be making shoe statements in spring/summer 2015; yes, they all have laces.

Be it laced up till your ankle or almost around your knees, there is a lot of lacing up going on her.

The designers tried amalgamating this particular trend into most of their shoes and sandals. What really sets the mood for spring, are these barely-there, laced up sandals.

This was just a quick round up of footwear you’ll be seeing on most feet in spring and summer this year.

You can always experiment with the trends and your own fashion intuition to come up with something that is unique and stylish in its own way.

About the author:
Sheerin Jafri is a passionate blogger who loves to write on fashion and lifestyle related topics. Follow @sheerinjafri for more updates.

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