Interesting Locals

People of interest in Nassau County, Florida and beyond… because every living soul has a story to share.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Deb Cottle knows when we help others we often find our own gifts. She shared with me a story about a recent trip to the airport.

In Search of Me Cafe Has Local Roots

A local teenage edutainment initiative is taking on global proportions. shows teenagers from around the nation and the world how to address life’s issues.

Donna Lynne Custom Homes

Donna Lynne’s professionalism extends well beyond the construction industry as proven by her commitment to her family and the community.

Rick Traum: Early Memories of Johnny Carson

Amelia Island is filled with colorful people with a rich and fulfilling career and lifestyles. Meet Rick Traum, yes that is his name, Emmy Award winning producer of the Late Night Show with Johnny Carson.

Rehabilitating Pete

The Fernandina Pirates Club coordinated the restoration and unveiling of the wooden sculpture of a pirate, Peg Leg Pete.