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Finding a Lost Pet

When our dogs were about one year old, they escaped the comfort of our backyard unbeknownst to us and pillaged and plundered the neighborhood for an undisclosed amount of time.

The Pocket Puppy

Designer over-the-shoulder kennels and brand name clothing are the newest fad for the well-to-do pet craze. Is keeping up with the Jones’s really necessary when it comes to man’s best friend?

Share Your Life With a New Kitten

If your sweet little kitty were left to be wild, they would consume the entire animal they catch to feast on. This supplies them with the proper nutrients nature intended kitty to have.

Kittens do the Funniest Things

My cat is so cute because she will sit on the step and look up at the burgundy wall that holds up the stairs; then out of no where she will run at full speed and ATTACK the wall.

Paw Prints Fundraising Book Sale

The Nassau Humane Society is having a fundraising book sale called Paw Prints. This is not just a book sale, though. There will be books, CDs, DVDs, plants and more all for your shopping pleasure to benefit the humane society.

Help a Neglected Horse Back to Health

Hope was found on Craig‚Äôs List. She was listed for free from a home in Hilliard, Florida, and in desperate need of Veterinary care. The Cheer Horse Ranch on Blackrock Road in Yulee was called as the owner has gained…
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Pet Care A Van at Walgreens

The banners intrigue me each time I see the offer for discounted shots for cats and dogs to be held at Walgreens. Pet Care A Van is a dedicated team of animal health care professionals that want all pets to…
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Belting Your Pet is Not Just for Discipline

Belting your pet? I am not talking about discipline. Safety restraints for pets are rising in popularity. Some states have pending legislature to pass laws requiring the use of pet restraints in automobiles. Though there are no statistics compiled of…
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Fear of Fireworks

While you and I enjoy the spectacular shows generated by man and by nature, man’s best friend may not.

Nature’s Drive to Survive Keeps Me Entertained

On a gorgeous Amelia Island morning, sun rising over the rooftops on Fletcher Avenue, while sitting on the front porch indulging in two of my vices, coffee and nicotine, nature entertained me once again through its forces and intelligence unfolding…
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It Followed Me Home

Does anyone know where to get discounted veterinary services for taking in a stray cat?