The Tale of Shirley and Marcy

The story is about Shirley and Marcy and it reminds us how vulnerable we feel as our children begin to grow up and exert independence.

Toxic Relationships

The person or people involved in your toxic relationship are not necessarily bad people, they are just bad for you!

Remembering Those You Love

Finally, my mother asked for the microphone. I squeezed her hand tightly, gave her an assuring nod and then let go of my grip to reach for more Kleenex.

Using Treasured Family Heirlooms

My daughter’s choice of mixing bowls advanced the count to five generations that had made Christmas cookies in this very same bowl.

Creativity is the Root of Happiness

Over the years I have developed a method that adjusts my expectations of happiness to the realities of the moment. Creativity always seems to come up with the right answer.