Egg Vacation Photo Contest

Egg Vacation Photo Contest

Egg Vacation Photo Contest

Here is a contest opportunity I found on that looks like it could be fun. Many of our viewers are wonderful photographers and this little contest fits their interests perfectly.

Photography, travel, staycations, humor and creativity are high on our reader’s radar and this contest offers it all. claims to offer the best prices on Digital Cameras, Digital SLR Camera, Canon Digital Cameras and Sony Digital Camera Cameras with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Their slogan? “Once you know, you Newegg!”

I don’t know if their claim is true or not, but I am sure many of our readers and subscribers would be interested in submitting a photo in their photography contest.

They are looking for awesome vacation photos, a staycation photo of chilling out close to home, a humor category and there is a category where you insert their egg dude wearing the Hawaiian shirt (pictured) creatively into a photo.

With over $35,000 in prizes, there is a grand prize, a Newegg pick and a Voter’s Choice Award. Submit your photo and get your friends to vote now!

Go online for the details and to read the complete contest rules. Good luck!

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Blog Yourself to $80,000 in Travel Prizes

Just making sure what face to face means!

Remember the contest to become the island sitter/ambassador on an Australian Barrier Reef island last year. Well with the blogosphere and social media on the forefront of our media attention, the travel industry has been seeing the enormous advantage of this type of awareness and attraction.

As a consummate world travel and a fan of the TV show the Amazing Race, I can wholeheartedly endorse this marketing approach as interactive, educational and engaging. So when the following email entered my inbox I smiled and passed it on to a bunch of my friends who can appreciate the challenge:

THE TRAVEL AGENCY, as a preferred supplier with Backroads , O.A.R.S., Micato Safaris , Orion Expeditions , Lindblad Expeditions, Off the Beaten Path , Natural Habitat Adventures, and Canadian Mountain Holidays

invites you to enter the “BLOG YOUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD” contest!
Just write about why you should be selected to go on EIGHT world-class adventures and how you will blog from the road, and you could be on your way.
Throughout our 36 years of collaborating with our clients to create unique travel adventures around the globe, we at THE TRAVEL AGENCY truly understand the return on life these experiences can offer!  “Boundaries divide- Travel unites!”

If your travel dreams include exploring Europe by bike, traversing African savannahs, coming face to face with a polar bear, and taking the roads way less traveled…then get writing!

Backroads will take you to the Czech Republic and Austria, OARS obviously has a rafting adventure waiting for you, Canadian Mountain Holidays wil start up the helicopter for you and Natural Habitat Adventures will bring you face to face with polar bears. Off the Beaten Path takes you to the magnificent rainforests of Costa Rica while Lindblad Expeditions will cruise you to the fascinating world of the Galapagos. Orion Expeditions will familiarize you with exotic Borneo and Micato Safaris rules the world of Safaris in east Africa.
You write and win and take a companion of your choice with you. Blog your entry on Twitter and Facebook and have your friends vote for you.

CLICK HERE for all the details. It’s easy and fun! Submissions must be received by midnight December 31, 2010 ET. Oh and when you submit your 400 word “plea of insanity” don’t mind sending us a copy.
Good luck! we hope to see you out there.

First Annual Fernandina Historic Preservation Contest

Click to Enlarge Image

Click to Enlarge Image

Fernandina Beach is going to recognize those involved in preserving our architectural resources with a contest that will honor the winners in May of 2010, which is National Preservation Month.

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL, FEBRUARY 3, 2010: The City of Fernandina Beach wishes to recognize the efforts of those involved in preserving our unique architectural resources by honoring historic preservation projects through a preservation awards program. Historic structures contribute to the identity of our community, and sensitive treatment of these resources ensure future residents and visitors will experience the same community character. Award categories include restoration/rehabilitation, sensitive addition, new construction, storefront façade renovation, recent past, and craftsmanship. Eligible projects must be within the City limits, completed within the last three years, and finished no later than March 31, 2010. The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2010. Award recipients will be honored at a City Commission meeting during May 2010, National Preservation Month.

For more information or to download a nomination form, please visit or contact Adrienne Dessy, Historic District Planner, at 904-277-7325.

Award Categories:
One award may be presented in each of the following:

Restoration/Rehabilitation – Properties that have been restored to their original style or appearance.
Sensitive Addition – Construction of an addition that is compatible with the original architectural style of the property.
New Construction – New structure that is compatible with the historic district.
Storefront Façade Renovation – Projects that demonstrate sensitive treatment of historic storefronts.
Recent Past – Sensitive rehabilitation of a structure constructed during the last fifty years.
Craftsmanship – Technique or method of construction considered unique or rare by today’s methods.

Any individual, group, organization, or agency involved in a project and any structure within City limits are eligible. Only exterior improvements are eligible for consideration, except in the craftsmanship category. Projects must have begun in the last three years and completed no later than March 31, 2010.

The Awards Committee for the preservation awards will consist of three members drawn from a variety of organizations and nominations will be judged based on compliance with Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, as applicable; Contribution of the project to preservation of Fernandina’s historic resources; Impact of the project on the community; Level of difficulty of the project; and Historical and architectural significance of the property preserved by the project.

For more information visit the City of Fernandina Beach Historic District at or pick up a copy on the first floor of City Hall at 204 Ash Street, in Fernandina Beach.

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Expect Traffic Delays on A1A/SR200 this Saturday Morning

ACT triathlon

ACT triathlon

For those of you who haven’t been across the bridge to Yulee in the past two days, extended traffic delays are announced for Saturday morning between 7am and 11am. The reason: The Atlantic Coast Triathlon and simultaneously the AmeliaMan Olympic Distance Triathlon are held and hundreds of athletes are expected to participate.

The ACT starts off at Main Beach at 7:15 am with a 1.2-mile swim, while the Amelia Man starts on the same spot at 7:30 am. This will bring the first bicyclists on the road by no later than 8 am and at that time Fletcher, the Parkway all the way up and down to Little Talbot island and back over the Thomas Shave bridge into the Nassauville/O’Neal intersection where at the traffic light you’re going to find the ultimate madhouse of delays, as the cyclists veer off and come back on SR200 via Old Nassauville Rd. Getting to the airport will be tough.

So if you don’t want to spend 2 hours sitting in traffic, consider making that trip to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Super Wal-Mart or Target for Friday afternoon.

And if you’re one of the growing legion of Saturday morning garage and yard sale bargain hunters here is my best chance advice:

  1. Make sure you’re done with the Southside of the island and across the bridge before 8 am;
  2. On your way back in, quickly scan anything in the north Fletcher area, before the runners start coming by roughly 9:30;
  3. By 10-10:30 am South Fletcher should be cleared out, except for the Main Beach area.

Now, since I cannot foresee the quality of the field of participants, this advice comes with a disclaimer. In any case, even if you get caught in traffic, make sure to take your camera along.

Get a great action shot, send it by email to us at and we will pick a winner by next week Friday October 10, who will get Two Gift Certificates for dinner at Peppers Mexican Grill and Cantina.

Your call.

Here is the map that tells you where to expect delays:

Triathlon Bike Route

Triathlon Bike Route

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Another Contest Winner Announced

Contest Winner

Contest Winner

It is time to announce another prize giveaway to the winner of the photo contest we held in August. The winner, who’s initials are D.B. recognized the “Where am I?” picture as a cannon atop Fort Clinch State Park, and they will be receiving $20.00 in gift certificates to FernanDeli on Amelia Island.

Since this was the first one, we asked Bart of Bart Clark Photography to give us a fairly easy image – the next one however, won’t be as simple. Look for our new “Where am I?” contest in the next few days. Who knows? You could be our next winner!

Congratulations D.B., you will receive an email from us directly!

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SearchAmelia Announces Contest Winner

Breakfast for Two at T-Ray's

Breakfast for Two at T-Ray's

With summer coming to an end we decided the time was right to announce the winner of our first contest and announce that we have many more contests planned to help you get through the holiday season.

Our sponsors have inundated us with prizes that range from free nights at local hotels, river cruises, gift certificates for lunches and dinners at a variety of locations and so much more. All of this giving has created a Santa Claus mood in our offices. We have lots of prizes to give away before Father Christmas flies to Fernandina Beach to bring you even more.

So looking back at our first published contest (on May 28) we were looking for the best explanation of why our beaches are frequented so much more by women than men. We felt it was time to give away the breakfast for two at the best kept secret breakfast place in town. But first before we announce the winner, we wanted to share some of the entries we received.

Our reader msmel said:
Females will gravitate to the side of nature, after all mother nature is “female”. The female gender,depending on the age group, will also get up earlier than their male counterparts walk the beach (particularly when the tide is going out in early morning)and return to the partner with plans for the day.

Amelia Private Eye was of the opinion that:
When a woman prepares to go for a walk on the beach, she does so with a bit of selfish intent. She actually goes for long walks on the beach to GET AWAY from the men in her life.

Peachphish came up with the answer that:
A walk on the beach can be exercise without being too “exercis-y”. No special gear required, no weights or weight machines, no dumbbells (both the kind with weight and the kind that pick up on you at the gym) and you can set your own pace. If you can get one of your girlfriends to join you, you can gossip your way through a workout almost without realizing that you’ve been exercising – sweet!

suzannabanana shared that the local beach makes her feel very safe, reason why women like to walk here more than in other crowded places and destinations.

But then mooney1el thought deepest about the issue and came up with two supporting explanations that rang a note with us. She said:
It is simple and natural. Women are gatherers, men are hunters. The women are out on the beach gathering (shells, shark teeth, sunshine, exercise). The men are out hunting (food, recreation, solitude); followed up by a more sneering: The men don’t have time to go to the beach because they are too busy exercising their thumbs on the remote control.

So we decided that she really didn’t walk the beach for exercise but to gather and collect, which will eliminate any guilt feelings on our side when we send her Breakfast for Two at T-Ray’s.

Thanks for all the answers and fun comments. Stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll announce the Photo Contest Winner and then next week you’ll see the start of our Contest Corner.

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Where am I Photo Contest


This contest should prove to be interesting. We will supply a picture taken somewhere in the Eastern Nassau County area. Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Nassauville and even O’Neil are potential targets for our photographers.

This image came from Bart Clark Photography, and you get to guess where it was taken. The winner will receive a a $20.00 gift certificate to FernanDeli. Each contest will feature a new photograph and different prizes.

We wanted to start this contest with an easy photograph, but do not be too hasty in your guess. The winning responses need to be detailed and the most precise answer will be declared the winner. If there are more than one winning responses, we will randomly draw from the correct entries to select a winner.

This contest will end at 11:59 on August 15, 2009.

If you think you know where the picture was taken, provide your answer here:

Why do women far outnumber men on our beach?

Since my brother Thom, our websites’ webmaster, arrived last week from the Caribbean Island of St.Martin where he resides, we have been faithfully taking a beach walk every morning, since we both noticed that our sedentary lifestyle has not been very kind to once excellent physiques. Too much sitting in front of a computer and an internet business operated out of home offices poses a challenge to daily exercise routines and the visual result is usually too much packing around the waistline. Read more