Nassau County, Florida, education information for both kids and adults

Big Changes in Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children moves into the New Year with a major scholarship drive underway and has moved its annual dinner from the Fall/Winter holiday season to early March.

Vaccinating the Future, TEDxFSCJ

Vaccines have also proved a source of popular misunderstanding, and ever-new outbreaks of infectious disease challenge researchers and practitioners alike.

Learn to Pilot Your Drone at FSCJ

FSCJ will offer a course at the FSCJ Nassau Center designed to prepare students for the FAA Remote Pilot knowledge test to earn their FAA Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial drone operation.

Holiday Mailbox Decorating

Landscape Matters is holding a class on “Holiday Mailbox Decorating, Wednesday, November 30, at 10 a.m. at the Yulee Extension Office located at 86026 Pages Dairy Road.

FSCJ Launches New Website

The goal of the clean, modern interface is to promote higher readership and assist the College in student recruitment, retention and communication efforts.

When do They Close the Bridges?

I was curious at what speed the winds have to reach before emergency officials close the bridges in Nassau County. Here it the answer I received from Nassau County Emergency Management.