When do They Close the Bridges?

I was curious at what speed the winds have to reach before emergency officials close the bridges in Nassau County.

Here it the answer I received from Nassau County Emergency Management:

Bridges are closed once tropical storm force winds (TSFW) are reached. TSFW are considered to be 39 MPH sustained. The way sustained winds are determined is by taking a one minute average wind speed reading.

Nassau EM remotely monitors wind speeds on the Thomas Shave Bridge. Once winds approach TSFW, they will be confirmed by personnel on the ground.

The best way to be kept in the loop and be notified of a bridge closure is to register for Citizen Alerts through the Nassau EM webpage or look for updates on their facebook page.

What Really Happens When You Dial 911

What happens when you dial 911

What happens when you dial 911

For many of us calling for help using 911 is not something we will ever do. However we all know that dialing those 3 little numbers can get you help no matter what your emergency. So what really happens when you call 911 and who is taking your information?

In the early to mid 1900’s calling for a fire truck or ambulance, you called the operator (dialing 0) or an emergency number for your area. In many cities these calls were answered by the fire or police station direct by the shift on duty at that time and the numbers were different for each department. This posed 2 huge issues; first if you were visiting the area you had no idea what numbers to dial and second if the police or fire personnel were out on a call there was no one there to answer the phone leaving you with no help. This was recognized as a problem for all emergency responders and as early as the 1930’s strides were taken to standardize a system globally.

The first National emergency phone number originated in the UK using the number 999. Several boarding countries also adopted the 999 emergency contacts and it wasn’t until the United States asked for the 911 number as the universal number that it was changed and is what we all use today. The Federal Communications Commission along with A T & T made the 911 universal number as the one and only number to dial when reporting a fire or calling for the police.

Today this system is still in place working as it was intended with several modifications including GPS tracking, caller ID, caller locator and more have been added. The system currently in use today even has means of tracking cell phone calls assigning them to the proper 911 dispatch regardless of where they are calling from.

When a call is made to 911 it is automatically routed to the nearest dispatch center. The dispatchers are trained to ask the caller a series of questions that will need to be answered to properly send help in the least amount of time. The initial call will be answered by a live person that asks “911 what’s your emergency”? Speak clearly and concisely when stating the emergency you are phoning in. Dispatchers are aware and understand that you are calling in an emergency and may sound frantic on the phone, this is understandable but the quicker you can relay your issues the quicker help can be sent. Other questions that will be asked of you are your current locations, how many people are injured, are you in any danger? Once all this vital information is collected the dispatcher will assign the appropriate agency whether it is the police, fire or rescue. In most areas of the country response time after calling 911 is usually within 10 minutes regardless of what your emergency is. Even though most of us will never call 911, it’s nice to know 3 little numbers can summons help.

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Alligator Assistance Available on Amelia Island

nuisance-alligatorYes, there is a number you can call if you need alligator assistance in Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee and all of Nassau County, Florida. This came to my attention when I received an email notifying me that Animal Control’s telephone number has change to (904) 491-7440. Now my webmaster gets a little moody if I write articles that are too short in length, so I did a little research to post something more than, “The number you have dialed has changed to 9-0-4-4-9-1-7-4-4-0, please make a note of it.”

I adopted two puppies from the pound about six years ago so I already knew that the county’s Animal Control Department works hard to keep abandoned animals off of the streets and provide them a safe environment and that they also offer spaying and neutering discounts for the animals adopted through their service.

What I did not realize was that this is also the same number you would call if you find yourself in possession of a nuisance alligator. There are trained professionals that will be happy to provide you with alligator assistance. Unless one is referring to the University of Florida, I am not accustomed to seeing the words “happy” and “gator” used in the same sentence.

So, what is a nuisance alligator? The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission offer a Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program. SNAP permits the harvest of nuisance alligators that are larger than four feet in length. Typically, alligators that are smaller than four feet are not considered dangerous and are not relocated except in extraordinary circumstances. So, if you would not call a three foot alligator in your driveway Nuisance, would you call it Boots?

Injured Animal Assistance

A volunteer from Cats Angels recently publicized some incredibly useful information that I feel compelled to pass along. For emergency road services regarding injured or dead animals there are numbers you can call for assistance or removal.

If you see an animal that has been hit by a vehicle call the Nassau County Animal control at 904-548-4035 and if no one answers or it is after hours please call 911.

On Nassau county roads call 904-491-3626.
On Florida state roads call 904-360-5400 as ask for the maintenance department.

Suspect Gouging At The Pumps, Who Do You Call?

Suspect Gouging At The Pumps, Who Do You Call?
By: Nick Deonas

With the ever rising cost of fuel today we seem to be constantly talking about how fast prices will rise at the filling stations. Just before and right after hurricane it seemed to be the green light for prices to just “go up”… Now it appears that there may have been some price gouging going on. If you were to suspect gouging would you know who to call? Read more

Important Phone Numbers


911 Emergency 911
Airport (Fernandina) (904) 261-7890
AT&T Broadband-Cable-Phone Service (800) 586-1212
Auto Tags (904) 261-5566
Baptist Medical Center – Nassau (904) 321-3500
BellSouth (800) 853-2909
BFI-Garbage Collection (904) 261-7186
Car Tags (904) 261-5566
Chamber of Commerce (904) 261-3248
City Clerks Office (904) 277-7305
City Hall (904) 277-7305
Council on Aging    (904) 261-0701
County Clerks Office (904) 321-5700
Drivers License (904) 225-0727
Drivers License (DMV) (904) 225-8947
Economic Development Board (904) 321-5780
Fernandina Beach Fire Dept (904) 277-7331
Fernandina Beach Police Dept.    (904) 277-7342
Fire Department (City) (904) 277-7331
Fire Station (Amelia Island Parkway) (904) 321-5774
Fire Station (Yulee) (904) 225-9904
Florida Power & Light (800) 226-3545
Florida Public Utilities    (904) 261-3663
Florida Water Services (800) 645-1212
Garbage (City Only) (904) 277-7388
Garbage (County, BFI)    (904) 261-7186
Hospital (904) 321-3500
Hospital Emergency Room (904) 321-3570
Job Services (904) 277-7272
Nassau County Fire Dept. (904) 321-5731
Nassau County Records (904) 879-2727
Nassau County School Board (904) 321-5880
Nassau County Sheriff (904) 225-5174
Occupation License (County) (904) 261-5566
Occupational Licenses (City)    (904) 277-7327
Ocean Highway & Port Authority (904) 261-0098
Police Department (City) (904) 277-7342
Post Office (Fernandina Beach) (904) 261-4848
Post Office (Yulee) (904) 225-5331
Property Appraiser (904) 321-5733
Public Library (904) 277-7365
Public Schools (Nassau County) (904) 321-5880
Realtors Association (904) 261-8133
Recreation Department (904) 277-7350
Sheriffs Department (904) 225-0331
Tax Collector (904) 261-5566
Telephone Hookup (Business) (904) 780-2800
Telephone Hookup (Residential) (904) 780-2355
United Water of Florida- Water (904) 261-2099
Voter Registration (904) 321-5735